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Mini Rocket -
12v DC 400W Battery Powered Portable Smoke Machine

The Mini Rocket produces an impressive flow of thick, white, dense fog which has a moderately long hang time.

Watch more videos of the
Mini Rocket in action

Mini Rocket Brochure PDF


A high output battery powered smoke machine.

Ideal for theatre, film, TV and photographers, musicals and special effects, smaller scale air flow and air tightness testing and training in locations without power - everywhere where fog is needed quickly and efficiently, the Mini Rocket is the perfect alternative to normal mains powered fog generators.

Very short 1 second heat-up time

Weighs only 5.6 kg - small dimensions 22cm long x 10cm wide and 21cm tall with battery

Adjustable fog output

Microprocessor controlled - guarantees continuous and safe running.

10 minutes smoke production

With the supplied battery, 10 minutes of continuous output or up to 150 x 5 second bursts can be produced. When the battery is flat it needs to be recharged with the supplied charger.
Additional battery packs are available (battery complete with housing, PCB, fuses and plug) for quick swapping and continued fog production. Alternatively, an external battery connector cable is available allowing you to connect a 12v car battery, giving up to 2 hours of smoke production in total!

The battery supplies energy only when needed, so operation time is considerably increased - the stand-by time is 250 hours.

Minimal fluid consumption - only 10ml per minute (full output)


The unit is equipped with a 3pin-XLR-socket for analog (0 - 10V) control. An XLR-remote as well as a wireless radio remote can be connected (both optional extras).

With the optional DMX-converter the machine can be controlled via DMX 512. With the optional Timer unit a fog and wait time can be programmed in.

• Portable use
• Heat-up time only 1 second
• Light weight, small dimensions
• Adjustable output
• 250 hours stand-by time
• Continuous output
• Easy handling
• Control via start button or analog (0 - 12V) and with optional controls: XLR-remote, radio remote, DMX-converter, Timer
• Minimal fluid consumption
• Easy swap battery pack

Power: 400 Watt
Voltage: 12V with battery
Warm up time: 1 second
Fluid consumption at continuous output: 10 ml/min.
Fluid tank capacity: 250 ml
Fog output: adjustable
Fog time: per battery 10 min. continuous output or 150 x 5 sec. bursts
Control: Start button / 0 – 10 V analog / OPTIONAL: Radio remote / DMX 512 / Timer
Temperature control: Microprocessor controlled
Dimensions (L x W x H): 223 x 100 x 210 mm
Weight inc. battery: 5.6 kg

The supplied system comprises:

  • Fog generator
  • Battery pack in base assembly
  • Mains charger (100v - 240v AC, with UK, EU or US plug)
  • Fluid tank 250ml
  • 500ml container of Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid

    Ships worldwide

Price -- only £579.00
(List price £761.00
(approx. US $765.00 , EU €655.00)

PS19: Mini Rocket - 400W Battery Powered Smoke Machine System. £579.00.
Select any additional products you require, then click "Add to basket":
2.5 Litre Container Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid £35.00
5 Litre Container Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid £65.00
Wireless remote control £148.00
Wired remote control with 3 metre cable £44.50
Spare battery base assembly including battery £165.00


Mini Rocket Accessories
PS19TPO: Mini Rocket without battery
Just the top 'smoke producing' part of the unit (no battery or charger). You will need your own battery to make this unit work (see our cable connector below for connecting to a 12V car battery). It comes with a length of silicon fluid pipe, and 250ml fluid reservoir.
PS19SS: Stainless Steel Mini Rocket
As per the standard system with battery and charger, but in a stainless steel chassis.
PS311: Timer controller
Allows precise automated timed smoke output from the unit, digitally controlling the fog run time and delay interval with accuracy to the second.

PS310: DMX Interface
Allows connection of the unit to a DMX control source.


PS412: Wireless remote control and receiver
Up to 100 metre range in ideal conditions. Selectable latching or momentary functions.
US customers note, this item IS FCC approved.

PS410: Wired remote control
Volume control and latching on/off switch. With 3 metre cable provided (can be exchanged for longer).
PS405: 500ml Container Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid
For the Mini Rocket.
PS425: 2.5 Litre Container Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid
For the Mini Rocket.
PS450: 5 Litre Container Mini Rocket Smoke Fluid
For the Mini Rocket.
PS414: Spare battery base assembly including battery
Gives you a back-up battery to use. 10 minutes continuous output from a full charge. Includes connector plug, built-in charging PCB and fuses (no charger).
PS421: Mains Power Adaptor
To allow the operation of the unit directly from mains power, increasing the run-time as there is no battery involved. Stainless steel enclosure, fan cooled.
PS416: Cable connector for connection to a 12V car battery
Allows longer run-times from larger capacity batteries. e.g. a 12v 70Ah car battery should give up to 2 hours total fog production.
PS413: Replacement battery charger
The charger required to charge-up the standard supplied battery for this unit.
PS418: 32mm ducting adaptor
To suit 32mm internal diameter hose (available below).
PS419: 32mm diameter flexible ducting hose, 2 metre length
For use in conjunction with the ducting adaptor above.
PS420: 32mm diameter flexible ducting hose, 4 metre length
As above, but 4 metre length.
PS415: Spare vaporiser assembly including PCB
Simple replacement using existing connectors inside the unit.
PS423: Thermal fuse for vaporiser PCB
Please note: Requires soldering. Replace the thermal fuse in the heater coil if it has tripped.

PS417: Transport / Storage Case
With custom foam cut-out. Space for the Mini Rocket unit, charger/remote and 500ml fluid container. Colour: black.
IP67 certified for military, broadcast, marine, photography, industrial use. Air tight, corrosion proof, water tight, sand and dust proof. Built-in pressure valve. Can be padlocked. Photo for illustration only.


Spare Parts
for this unit are available - circuit board, fluid pump, fluid pipe, thermal fuses, etc.
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The Pea Soup Micro Rocket is best value battery powered unit available.
A 12v, 75 watt unit producing a quick dispersing smoke.
Click on the image below to find out more:

US/Euro currency conversions are approximate, and correct as at 13 Nov 2017.

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