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Artem Smoke Gun - Fluid Aerosols

Artem Smoke Fluid & Accessories
Box of 10 x 400ml Smoke Fluid Aerosols for Artem smoke gun above.
Our smoke fluid aerosols are made from one-piece aluminium so they will not rust or leak.
Box of 12 x Propane Gas Aerosols for Artem smoke gun above.
We cannot send the propane gas aerosols (above) anywhere outside mainland UK - you must source them in your own country if you are outside the UK. The thread type of these propane cylinders is the same around the world, EXCEPT in America/Canada where the thread is different. They are readily available from hardware stores and camping supply shops.
Replacement Artem heater coil for Artem smoke gun above.
  Overseas ordering of pressurised smoke fluid aerosols
The box of 10 Artem smoke fluid aerosols above are pre-pressurised, which means they cost more to ship overseas than a normal container of fluid as they are classed as 'hazardous'. To lower the cost of shipping and further reduce running costs of your smoke machine, we can supply a refillable canister option. Instead of using the pre-pressurised aerosols, re-fillable aerosol cans can simply be pressurised to 80PSI by a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply. You simply buy our refillable can and a 5 litre container of our smoke fluid which will fill the can around 14 times. It is possible to re-fill the same can up to 100 times. You can, of course, purchase any number of 5 litre containers at the time of your order.
Refillable aerosol with siphon tube (supplied singly) for us with Artem smoke gun.
Fill with smoke oil (below) and pressurise with a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply to 80PSI. Can be refilled 50 - 100 times.
Overseas shipping costs are greatly reduced by ordering refillable aerosol(s) and containers of smoke fluid instead of pre-pressurised aerosols.
5 litres smoke oil for use with refillable aerosol in the Artem smoke gun (above)
5 Litres will fill the refillable aerosol approx. 14 times.
High pressure shock pump - used to pressurise the refillable aerosol (above) to 80PSI.
Photo below shows pump next to refillable aerosol.
High pressure stirrup pump - with gauge, used to pressurise the refillable aerosol (above) to 80psi (5.5 bar). Physically larger in size than the shock pump above, but only requires around 5 actions to pressurise the canister.

Photo at left shows pump next to refillable aerosol.

Smoke Fluid suitable for the Artem Medium
5 litre container - £32.00
205 litre container - £935.00
Contact us to order.
(*this is a heavy item weighing 235kg+ and is delivered on a pallet)
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