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Colt 4 Turbo Smoke Generator

A small, robust smoke generator whose physical size belies its power.

In its basic format, the Colt has the ability to produce a considerable amount of smoke 'off power' using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger, allowing an operator to carry a generator from room to room, making smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead. After being on mains for around 15 - 20 minutes, the Colt will generate large amounts of smoke for around 2 minutes off-power.

Made in Britain

5 year parts warranty.
Lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger.

In service with numerous fire authorities world-wide, many NATO forces (including the USN for shipboard training), as well as analytical laboratories, asbestos removal specialists, and HVAC contractors, the Colt has an enviable reputation for simplicity of operation and reliability.

The Colt 4 Turbo is particularly suited to applications where extremely dense concentrations of smoke are required, or extremely large volumes need to be smoke logged. This is because of its very persistent nature. In this respect, the Colt 4 Turbo is one of the most powerful hand held smoke generators on the market today.

Available in 'basic' and 'remote' formats.

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ISO 9001

These units
can be hired (UK).
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  • Compact size, robust construction
  • Hand portable
  • Off-power capable
  • Persistent smoke
  • Continuous smoke production at full output (mains)
  • Variable output control (0 -> maximum)
  • NATO codified


  • Precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Utilises aerosol canisters for safe, convenient operation
  • Available in 'basic' or 'remote' formats
  • Light and portable

Available as 230v or 110v
(please specify when ordering).

The Colt 4 Turbo in use off-power


  • Basic format (with off-power facility)
  • Remote format (both on-board operation, or remote) N.B. the remote control will not work without power
  • Power consumption: 110V - 240V, 50/450Hz
  • Heat exchanger wattage: 2,200 watts
  • Warm up time from cold: 4 mins
  • Duration of aerosol at maximum output: 10 - 11 mins
  • Smoke output: 0 - 233 m3/min @1.5m visibility
  • Particle size 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mass median diameter

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 200mm (8in.)
  • Width: 140mm (15.6in.)
  • Length: 360mm (14.4in.)
  • Weight: 7kg (15.4lbs.)

Remote model is supplied with 5 metre remote control


The Colt 4 Turbois also available in black paint finish upon request for special effects customers.

Colt 4 Turbos are also available in black for special effects customers

COLT 4 - Persistent smoke generators
Colt 4 Turbo (2.2kW), Basic (no remote) £695.00
Colt 4 Turbo (2.2kW), with Remote Control £768.00
Colt 4 Twin Turbo (2.2kW), Basic (no remote) £827.00
Colt 4 Twin Turbo (2.2kW), with Remote Control £900.00
Colt 4 Turbo Basic - £695.00
Colt 4 Turbo Remote control version - £768.00

Colt 4 Smoke Fluid Aerosols

Aerosols are supplied singly or in boxes of 10.
In the Colt 4 Turbo, each aerosol will provide a total of approx. 8 minutes fog production at full output.

Single Colt 4 (persistent) aerosol (£9.00)
Box of 10 Colt 4 (persistent) aerosols (£69.00 per box)
Colt 4 Turbo Smoke Fluid & Accessories
Refillable aerosol (supplied singly)
Fill with fluid (below) and pressurise to 100PSI / 7 bar with a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply. Can be used 25 times+ if used with care.
Overseas shipping costs are greatly reduced by ordering refillable aerosol(s) and containers of smoke fluid instead of pre-pressurised aerosols.
5 litres smoke fluid for use with refillable aerosol (above)
Will fill the refillable aerosol approx. 14 times.

Ducting adaptors attach to the front of the machine to allow secure connection of ducting hose to allow smoke to be positioned precisely, in hard to reach places or inside containers.

All our ducting hoses are now internally lined to be smooth thereby reducing frictional losses. When you duct smoke, you are restricting the smoke particles so deposition in the hose over time is inevitable. Using this machine and this type of hose, deposition is minimised.

75mm diameter ducting adaptor
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75mm diameter lined flexible ducting x 10 metres
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50mm diameter ducting adaptor
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50mm diameter lined flexible ducting x 10 metres
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25mm diameter ducting adaptor
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25mm silicon lined flexible ducting x 2 metres
Stays rigid - ideal for clearance and air flow tests use as a 'wand'. Silicon lined to resist heat from the smoke at this small diameter.

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25mm silicon lined flexible ducting x 4 metres
As above, but a 4 metre length

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25mm neoprene lined flexible ducting x 2 metres
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25mm neoprene lined flexible ducting x 4 metres
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Value Transport Case for Colt 4 smoke machine.
with custom foam cut-out to fit the Colt 4 machine, power lead plus 2 aerosols. Colour: orange.
IP67 certified for military, broadcast, marine, photography, industrial use. Air tight, corrosion proof, water tight, sand and dust proof. Built-in pressure valve. Can be padlocked. Photo for illustration only.
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Permium Peli Case for COLT smoke machine.
Will fit machine, power & remote lead plus 1 - 2 aerosols. For military, broadcast, marine, photography, industrial, use. Air tight, corrosion proof, crush proof, designed for military spec, water tight, shock proof, sand and dust proof, temperature resistant -33C to +90C.

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Flight Case for COLT smoke machine.
Will fit machine, power & remote lead plus 1 - 2 aerosols. Hinged lid.
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