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G Force 3 Smoke Machine

The G Force 3 is the latest smoke machine from Le Maitre. Simply put, it is the world renowned G300 in a more compact chassis with improved controller, saving a substantial amount on the purchase price of a G300.

  • 2.2kW heat exchanger
  • Very high fog output with continuous flow
  • Large heater block with twin output pipes
  • Twin fluid pumps for maximum flow
  • Digital fog output control (timer / DMX)
  • Easy-change heater block

It has integrated DMX and an on-board digital control panel, utilising dual microprocessors.


  • 2.2kW heater power.
  • Lower noise, smoother output, and more efficient continuous running.
  • Dual processor circuitry with a digital control panel.
  • Timed smoke output control
  • Includes a connection for use with the Freezefog Pro.
  • Optional connection for controlling fans up to 200W.
  • Built in DMX. (5-pin connectors)
  • External fluid bottle, with 5 litre bottle carrier (included), reducing space requirements.
  • On-board control panel. Optional timer remote control.
  • Controls – Smoke Output, Pre-Delay (Freezefog use), Fan Speed (Optional output), Time on, Pause time, DMX address, Options to bypass DMX address 2 & 3.
  • Separate Smoke On/Off.
  • Easy change block system - enables machine fluid pipe to be changed without returning the unit for service

Settings can be stored for instant recall on power up. DMX can be locked for powering up in DMX mode. Available for 230v or 110v power supplies at no extra cost.

Editor's note:
The G Force 3, giving the same high smoke output level as the G300, can be used with the Freezefog Pro to create a massive heavy fog effect.

Shown with bottle carrier (supplied) and optional remote control

Power Requirements:
220/240, 50Hz, 2,200w. 110v opt.
Length: Width:
41cm 29cm
Height: Weight:
20cm 12kg

Continuous output after huge initial 'blast' of smoke. Output ramps down to maintain contunuous flow.

Fluid consumption:
8ml/sec. medium duration burst
1.5ml/sec. continuous output
45 minutes per 5 litre container

G Force 3 Smoke Machine w/DMX control.
RP £1,395.00.

Contact us to order

G Force 3 timer remote control


PDF User manual


SFX / Theatre / TV
Air flow visualisation
Leak testing
Fire training

Smoke fluid for use with this machine:
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid - an economical fluid mix with a medium / long hang time
Industrial Fluid - extra dense long lasting smoke for training, testing and industrial use
Quick Dispersing - ideal for effects, and if you don't want to set smoke alarms off!

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