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RSG - Realistic Smoke Generator

Air Flow Checker

The RSG incorporates:
• Solid state switching
• PID microprocessor control
• Sub micron particle size (just 0.2 micron mmd)
• Inert gas carrier purge
• Remote operation
• Thermal cut out
• Machined heat exchanger chamber

The ultimate smoke generator for creating the most realistic smoke for detector testing.

The Pea Soup RSG is based on our best selling Phantom high temperature smoke system.

Unlike conventional water based smokes, the thermally buoyant smoke produced by the RSG is resistant to extremely high temperatures.

It is capable of simply and repeatedly creating non-toxic artificial smoke, from small quantities (representative of a smouldering fire) to larger quantities, with thermal bouyancy, which will rise up to activate ionisation, optical, beam and aspirating smoke detectors.

The RSG incorporates a thermal chimney with 4 independently switched air heaters, into which the smoke is introduced. The air within the chimney rises, carrying with it the temperature resistant smoke, and a highly effective, repeatable and consistent thermally buoyant smoke effect results.

The Phantom type smoke is approved by the CNPP and used in bespoke systems specifically for smoke detector testing. An RSG variant can be supplied, capable of running off an aircraft's own power supply (see below).


Technical Specification (approx.)
23 x 62 x 46 cm

Heat Exchanger Wattage

Chimney Heater Wattage
4 x 160w
Operating Voltage
110v, 50-60 hz
aviation variant 110v, 50-450 hz
optional 230v, 50-450 hz
Operating Pressure
0 - 3.5 bar

Price: POA

Contact us to order.

RSG Brochure PDF

ISO 9001

Ships worldwide

RSG - Realistic Smoke Generator- Aviator UL Variant
Designed for running from aircraft power supplies, this


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