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We ship our products direct to users around the world.

Water-based Aerosol Fog Machines   
These fog generators use a convenient fluid aerosol canister to create safe non-toxic fog. No fluid pumps or spills!

Microfog -
A low cost aerosol smoke machine with very simple one-button operation.
Rocket Fog Machine -
The ultimate portable smoke generator with off-power facility.
Industrial quality - 5 year warranty, lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger.
Mini Mist Turbo -
Popular aerosol based portable fog machine with off-power facility.
Colt 4 -
Well known fog machine with off-power facility. Colt 4 Turbo offering double the fog output is also available.

Water-based Fog Machines

These fog machines use a water-based fluid to generate safe non-toxic fog.

Z800 -
A compact, continuous output, budget fog machine with a fast heat-up time. (240v) 800W
Rosco Alpha 900 Fog Machine -
Continuous output from a small machine. Simple operation, with a remote control on a 9 metre cable. (240v). 1kW
Rosco 1700 -
Rugged design, continuous output fog machine with timer remote. 1.19kW, 240v
Viper Fog Machine -
Popular digital and DMX controlled fog machine from Germany. Viper NT and 2.6 models.
HighPower 2.6kW Fog Machine -
Popular digital and DMX controlled fog machine from Germany.
DRAGON - 2.2kW High Output Fog Generator -
High spec, high power, continuous 100% high output fog machine suitable for fire safety training, leak & air flow testing. Water based. Ships worldwide.
Industrial quality - 5 year warranty, lifetime guarantee on heater block.
Peasouper Dry Ice Fog Machine -
The industry standard dry ice machine for the best 'low lying fog' effect.  
Low Lying Fog
A range of machines to create a heavy fog for theatres or events

Oil-Based Fog Machines
Continuous dense output and exceptionally small fog particle size. Oil based fog is very persistent and suitable for large and/or hot applications and is safe and non-toxic.

Phantom Fog Machine -
Highly persistent smoke can withstand very high temperatures. Very efficient fluid consumption. Ships worldwide
Industrial quality - 10 year warranty, lifetime guarantee on heater block.


Specialist Fog Machines
Micro Rocket -
Highly portable battery powered machine for air flow tracing, photographers, theatrical and cinematic purposes.
400W Battery powered Fog Machine -
Higher output machine for photographers, theatre and film makers as well as training applications where no power is available.
Coloured smoke - 7, 15 or 30 second duration coloured smoke cartridges for deep, vivid colours. UK only.
Air Flow Checker - low output hand-portable instrument for the testing and monitoring of small air currents and air movement. Ideal for: ventilation / air conditioning systems, fog detectors, etc.
Wind Tunnel Air flow tracer -
A one-probe fog generator for testing air flow of objects in wind tunnels.
RSG - Realistic Fog Generator -
The ultimate unit for creating the most realistic thermally buoyant fog for testing smoke detectors. On-board fog heaters. Ships worldwide.
Gas powered fog gun -
For outdoor location work, no mains power is needed to generate large amounts of fog. Perfect for film makers and outdoor training.

Pea Soup Ltd. supply many models of fog machine in the UK. View a list of ALL the smoke machines we supply.

Prices are shown only as a guide and are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Photographs & videos for illustration purposes. Machine appearance & specification may vary slightly.

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