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We've compiled a selection of special effects and smoke machine related resource books to help create effects you need.

cover Creating Special Effects for TV and Video - Bernard Wilkie.
A great little handbook for so many special effect scenarios, such as fire.
Secrets of Hollywood Special Effects - Robert E. Macarthy
Comprehensive 'bible' of special effects.
cover Special Effects - Jake Hamilton
Effects experts give you a behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of their work.
cover Spectacular Special Effects - Diana Kimpton
Authored for kids, but a lot to learn for adults too!
FX2 - The Deadly Art Of Illusion [1991]
DVD release of this special effect featured film. Lots of smoke machine use in this film (Rosco 1500). The sequel to 'FX - Murder By Illusion' (below) which finds Rollie Taylor retired from the special effects business. Whilst helping the police catch a maniac he becomes the target of a hitman and soon cop Leo McCarthy is back on the scene to save him.
FX - Murder By Illusion [1986]
Rollie Tyler, Hollywood's best special effects man, is chosen to execute a murder that can only be carried out through the use of his special skills. However, it later becomes unclear as to whether Rollie is the 'weapon' or the victim.
cover Fire Safety: an Employer's Guide
A useful UK publication
  Fire Service Manual 4: Fire Service...
UK publication.

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