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Smoke machines for every requirement
air flow visualisation / leak testing / fire training / special effects

Pea Soup

Battery Powered Smoke Machine - Mini Rocket
  • Instant start
  • 12V DC battery powered
  • Small dimensions - complete portability
  • Wireless remote available
  • For: leak tests, air flow visualisation, fire training, special effects

Portable Smoke Machine - Rocket

  • Compact & robust
  • Hand portable
  • Off power operation
  • High smoke output
  • Controllable output volume
  • Very persistent, ultra safe smoke
  • Water based smoke
  • Superb reliability
  • For: air flow & leak tests, fire training, special effects
Phantom Hazer
  • Exceptionally efficient fluid consumption
  • Leaves no residue
  • Ultimate reliability
  • Incredibly long 4 hour + haze hang time
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Lifetime no clog warranty on heater
  • Finest haze in the world
  • Variable high output haze
  • No irritation or dry throats
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Hire smoke machines / Smoke machines for theme parks / Spray booth clearance tests / Drain testing smoke

Smoke pellets

in white or grey

Artificial Snow

For oil based smoke machines for theme parks, or water based smoke generators for leak testing, air visualisation or special effects - Pea Soup Smoke Machines have it covered!

For non-toxic smoke, portable smoke systems, fixed smoke installations and application consultation, Pea Soup Smoke Machines can help. If you need a smoke machine, aerosol generator, smoke generator or fog machine just talk to us!

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