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Pea Soup is the World's Leading Distributor of Concept Smoke Generating Systems

Concept Engineering Ltd was formed in 1964 and is arguably the longest standing smoke machine manufacturer in the world. With over fifty years' experience in the design and manufacture of the highest quality smoke and thermal fog generating equipment, Concept is the only company ever to have held the premier quality assurance standard issued by the UK Ministry of Defence (AQAP 1) for the design and manufacture of non-toxic smoke generators. In 1994 this was replaced by BS EN ISO 9001.

All systems manufactured by Concept are subject to particle size analysis by the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Concept Engineering has earned a reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of fog and smoke generating systems, and they are the only manufacturer in the world that specializes in this type of equipment. Concept's products include a wide range of fire safety, industrial and military fog and smoke generators.

Pea Soup work in partnership with Concept and are officially the number one distributor of Concept smoke systems worldwide, supplying the entire range of Concept Smoke machines, including the Spirit 900, Colt 4 models and ViCount Compact systems along with systems that Concept manufacture exclusively for Pea Soup. When high quality smoke and reliability are a neccessity, Concept from Pea Soup is the number one choice.

Related products:
Name Description
Colt 4 A small robust smoke generator for portable high output smoke generation.
Colt 4 Turbo A small robust smoke generator whose physcial size belies its power. Twice the power of the Colt 4.
Spirit 900 Continuous high output quality machine.
ViCount Compact Oil-based smoke machine for large applications whose smoke has a high temperature tolerance.
Mini Colt 4 A smaller compact version of the Colt 4 smoke generator.
Concept Smoke Fluid All types of Concept smoke fluid for this smoke machine.

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