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About Pea Soup Ltd.

Online since 1997, Pea Soup Ltd supply smoke machines in the UK. We sell over 30 models of smoke machine and many types of fluid.

The Smoke Machine Network website was started in 1997 as an independent information resource, and by 1999 had its own address at smokemachines.NET. It is now the largest specialist smoke machine website in the world. In 2001 we began selling smoke machines, fluids and special effects. On November 5th 2003 we became Pea Soup Ltd and have grown year-on-year.

Our staff have been involved with smoke machines for several decades, including installations in attractions, theatres, studios and clubs as well as being specialists in industrial testing and fire training applications. The vast majority of the machines we sell are made here in England. We are active consultants for emergency tests, air flow and extraction testing, theatrical productions, theme parks, feature films, special effects and fire training scenarios, and have extensive knowledge of smoke machines, fog related special effects and pyrotechnics.

95% of items on this site are in stock now ready for dispatch.

We are a real company with traditional customer service and are happy to advise you on smoke machines suitable for your application. To get in touch, click on the 'Contact' link at the top.

We also have professional smoke machines for hire.

Our clients include:

Read an article in New Scientist Magazine about smoke machines being used to hide nuclear power stations in the event of a terrorist attack.

We were also interviewed by Süddeutsche Zeitung on a similar topic, and also for Zeit, Germany's biggest selling newspaper.

We were featured on the independent "Sparking Reaction" website, produced by the Science Museum in London for an exhibition at Sellafield in Cumbria.

Time Out New York ran a feature on cool gadgets including our car security smoke system.

Q Magazine put together a proposal for an extravagant 'rock star home' which included smoke machines which we were asked to price - as MC Hammer was thought to have in his home in the 1990s.

You may have heard us mentioned numerous times on "In On The Lake" on Capital Disney, the Sony Award winning digital radio station available on DAB, Sky, NTL, Telewest in the UK and online around the world.

Pea Soup News

Why are you called Pea Soup?

There is an old English phrase used to describe dense fog, as in "This fog is pea soup!" i.e. very thick! (just how we like it)

pea soup
1. A purée or soup made of cooked dried peas.
2. Informal. Dense fog.

Back in the day...

Before we began distributing smoke machines and special effects, this website provided information and advice on smoke machine use, installations and suitability. These pages are still online. Click below to view them.


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