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The best smoke machine for your requirement

Pea Soup supply a wide variety of smoke machines for many different applications. We're pleased to help and advise you from our extensive experience which is the most appropriate unit for your specific job. We advise which smoke systems work best in your specific task -- We want you to be happy!
Select an application below and suggestions of appropriate models will be generated that match your application, or contact us for personal advice:

Air Flow Visualisation
(cleanrooms, spray booths, poultry barns)

Leak Testing
(buildings, pipes, containers, planes, etc.)

Temperature Resistant Smoke
for hot fire training, smoke detector tests

HEPA Filter Tests
for clean rooms, HVAC systems
Industrial Outdoor
High output / Large event Flim / TV / Theatre
Testing drains for leaks Theme Parks
Spray booth clearance testing Vehicle smoke security
Clean room air flow tests Car park ventilation tests
Road Tunnel Tests Photographers / Film makers
Minibus / bus / train / public transport evacuation training
Poultry / livestock barn air flow / ventilation tests
Caravan / mobile home / car / van leak testing
Conservatory seals / flashing / loft leak / roof line leak testing
Kitchen extraction system / cooker hood extractor test
Art installations - contact us to discuss your unique project
Churches / Houses of Worship
Stainless Steel Fog Machines for use in clean rooms


Is your requirement not listed?
Please contact us for friendly advice, solutions
and to hire (UK) or purchase (worldwide).

Or see the list of all smoke machines available

Other notes on choice

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