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24v DC Battery Powered Smoke Screen System


The 24V SecuriSmoke TURBO smoke screen security system is our highest output battery powered smoke machine, ideally suited to special effects.

It produces a colossal NINE TIMES the smoke output volume of our standard 12v Mini Rocket system.

Suitable for :

  • Film special effects
  • Vehicle effects
  • Smoke screens
  • Movie cars (eg Bond, Delorean, etc)

Our battery powered smoke system is a compact unit which is user friendly. The unit is 24 volt DC battery powered (battery is not included). You could use two suitable 12v batteries wired in series to give 24v.

Very short 1 second heat-up time with soft start.

Compact dimensions - 30.5cm long x 26cm wide and 8.5cm tall.

Microprocessor controlled - guarantees continuous and safe running.

24 volts DC, 120 amps current, 3,120 watts power.


Bench demonstration of the system.
(As you can see, the smoke output blast was so powerful it blew the paper off the bench)


The fog is totally harmless to both person and property.

The small size of the unit (305mm length x 260mm width x 85mm depth) constructed from strong stainless steel allows it to be easily housed in small spaces or even suspended.

On activation the unit reaches operating temperature in one second and then immediately produces impressive volumes of smoke.

The unit uses a coiled vaporiser and a microprocessor control circuit with in-built safety features to prevent overheating. The specially formulated smoke fluid is contained in a container from where it is pumped into the vaporiser inside the unit.

The system utilises a simple closing circuit to activate smoke production.

A full 750ml tank should provide around 8 minutes 20 seconds of total smoke production.
It is important to use quality batteries capable of a high discharge rate to power this fogger. 
You would normally use 2 x 12v batteries in series to provide the power required. 
The unit produces a very large volume of fog, and because of that its power consumption is relatively high.
The series connection between the batteries is critical given the high current requirement and should be of 25mm² cable (ie 5 x 5mm - assuming less than 1 metre distance between the two batteries). The line should be fused @ 125A.

This system is safe for use in vehicles as well as vans, boats, caravans, and indoors on sets or stage.

• Heat-up time only 1 second
• Light weight, small dimensions
• Continuous high output

Power: 3,120 Watt, ~120A running
Voltage: 24V
Warm up time: 1 second
Fluid consumption at continuous output: approx 90 ml/min.
Fluid tank capacity: 750 ml - ie 8 mins 20 secs fog time
Standby current: 0mA
Temperature control: Microprocessor controlled
Ambient operating temperature: between 5°C and 45°C
Dimensions (L x W x H): 30.5cm x 26cm x 8.5cm (excl. fluid tank which can be cited up to 50cm away from the unit)
Weight [excl. fluid and battery]: 3.5kg

The supplied system comprises:

  • Fog generator
  • Fluid tank 750ml
  • 50cm fluid pipe
  • External power connector with cable (suitable 125A fuse required)
  • Control cable (arm / disarm and fog / stop)
  • 2.5 litre container of SecuriSmoke Fluid

    Ships worldwide


  • Heat up time from cold: 1 second
  • High smoke output


  • Ultra compact
  • Coiled steel heat exchanger
  • Microprocessor control


Suitable for :

  • Film special effects
  • Vehicle effects
  • Smoke screens
  • Movie cars (eg Bond, Delorean, etc)


  • Remote control inputs
  • Power supply: 24v DC
  • Warm up time from cold: 1 second

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 85mm
  • Width: 260mm
  • Length: 305mm
  • Stainless steel chassis
  • Works on a closing circuit

The system kit comes complete with:

  • smoke module
  • 750ml fluid reservoir tank
  • 50cm fluid pipe
  • power connector and cable
  • control cable (arm / disarm and fog / stop)
  • 2.5 litres of Smoke fluid

Current draw is approx. ~130 amps (3120W).


PS17 SecuriSmoke Turbo - 24v DC Smoke Machine System
The system comprises:
  • smoke module
  • 750ml fluid reservoir tank
  • 50cm fluid pipe
  • power connector and cable
  • control cable (arm / disarm and fog / stop)
  • 2.5 litre container smoke fluid
SecuriSmoke Turbo Accessories
PS406: 500ml Container SecuriSmoke Fluid  
PS407: 2.5 Litre Container SecuriSmoke Fluid
PS408: 5 Litre Container SecuriSmoke Fluid
PS434: Custom Variable Angle Mounting Bracket
PS435: Side Blower Fan to bulk out smoke

Aston Martin Goldfinger DB5 Continuation Model


Our other products:

Micro Rocket - 12v Battery Powered Smoke Machine

Highly portable battery powered machine for special effects, photographers, theatrical and cinematic purposes.
  • 12V DC powered
  • Small dimensions
  • Battery, charger and case
  • Instant start
  • Quick dispersing smoke
  • Wireless remote and mains power adaptor also available
Ships worldwide.    More info...

Mini Rocket - Portable Smoke Machine

The Mini Rocket is a higher output portable battery powered unit for special effects, photographers, film makers and theatre productions.
  • 12V DC battery powered
  • Small dimensions
  • Complete system
  • Instant start
  • Continuous output for up to 10 mins
  • Wireless remote and external battery connector cable accessories available
Ships worldwide.    More info...

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