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Air Flow Checker

6400761 Air Flow Checker

The AirFlow Checker from Pea Soup is the ideal instrument for the testing and monitoring of air currents and air movement.

With the Air Flow Checker, even the slightest air movements become visible.

Ideal for checking:

• ventilation or air conditioning systems
• chimneys
• smoke detectors
• detecting leaks in industrial equipment
• fume cupboards

The Air Flow Checker air current tester produces clouds of smoke that are adapted to the specific weight of air.

These harmless clouds of smoke float freely and are carried away by the slightest air currents.

The Air Flow Checker creates smoke by drawing a specially formulated chemical, stored in ampoules, through a miniature peristaltic pump. The chemical is then heated above its boiling point, vaporised, and the vapour condenses on reaching the colder atmospheric air to produce a highly visible smoke with virtually no velocity.

The Air Flow Checker can produce smoke on demand, from just a few seconds to a continuous smoke production of around 3 minutes, on one ampoule.

Once charged, the Air Flow Checker will hold sufficient charge to produce smoke for up to 20 minutes. (Recharge time 4 hours)

We ship worldwide
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Technical Specification (approx.)
30cm x 20cm x 7cm
Operating temperature range
5 - 40C
Smoke time per ampoule
3 min
Ni-Cd rechargeable battery
7.2v, 1.4Ah
Charging current
Operating time per battery charge
approx. 20 minutes
Kit comprises Air Flow Checker with one pack of ampoules, battery pack, charger & case.
One ampoule lasts approx. 3 minutes,
so 1 pack = 9 minutes.

Air flow visualisation
Leak testing

Kit contents: Smoke unit, battery, charger and pack of 3 ampoules.

We ship worldwide
(contact us for shipping price)

ISO 9001

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Air Flow Checker Kit 2091
Includes Smoke maker, battery, universal battery charger and pack of 3 ampoules. 6400761
Ampoules (pack of 3) 2092
Note: one pack included in kit above.
In-car charger 2096    
Battery pack 2097
Note: one included in kit above.

Alternative products:

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Stainless steel version also available.

A 500ml container of Micro Rocket fluid costing just £25.00 contains the equivalent amount of fluid as 1243 x ampoules which would cost over £15,000!

If you require the ability to generate more smoke which can be ducted through hose for increased versatility, with controllable output and lower running costs, then consider our Rocket hand portable smoke machine:

Watch a video of the
Rocket generating low volume smoke

Rocket hand portable smoke machine


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