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Wind Tunnel Air Flow Tracer
for effective air flow visualisation using a wand

Designed to facilitate the observation of air movements in many types of flow situations, primarily in wind tunnels.

The unit is easily transported, is rapid and simple to set up and use, and produces a controllable, non hazardous smoke effect.

The smoke is produced by peristaltically pumping an innocuous, medicinal quality white oil to the tip of a probe, where a low voltage electrical coil heats it to produce a dense plume of smoke, at exactly the position where it is needed.

The special probe is shaped to minimise wake generation, ensuring that the smoke can be entrained into the airstream smoothly. A stable and clearly defined plume of smoke can be generated at air speeds up to 90m/sec (200mph).


  • Clearly defined smoke plume up to 90m/sec
  • Variable smoke output controls
  • Simple to operate
  • Rapid start-up (3 minutes from switch on)
  • Low oil consumption
  • Fluid level indicator
  • Hand-held probe supplied
  • Extension handles available for probe up to 1.8m
  • Replaceable vaporiser tips

Mechanical Specifications:

Trailing connections
(fluid supply & electrical):


Weight (kg)

Power Supply
230vAC 50hz (110vAC 60hz optional)

Vaporiser Power Dissipation
90w Max (30v:3A ac)

Warm up time from cold
3 minutes

Oil Consumption (average) / capacity
60ml/hr / 400ml

Wind Tunnel Air Flow Tracer
Brochure PDF

Standard System: £2,940.00

   Control Box
   Swan Neck Probe - Approx 425mm long
   2 x Vaporisers
   1 x 2.5 Litre Container of Smoke Oil

Please contact us to order.

Stainless steel version also available (add £95.00).


Please view our PS31ST system which is also ideal for wind tunnel use.
PDF info


SWAN NECK PROBE, 425mm long: £722.00

Specify handle length in extra 300mm lengths i.e. gives approx 400mm + 300mm overall length or 400 + 600mm etc.

300mm £162.00
600mm £175.00
900mm £188.00
1200mm £206.00
1500mm £221.00
1800mm £244.00

With care these should last for approx 40 hours use
£150.00 each
Pack of 5: £675.00

Price for pack of 3 x 500ml containers £30.00
(500ml bottles of oil should last for approx 8-9 hours use)

2.5 litre container smoke oil £30.00
(40 - 45 hours use)

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