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Pea Soup Smoke Systems Concept ViCount Smoke Oil

Safe, non-toxic, intrinsically biodegradable smoke fluid specifically designed for use in the ViCount Compact smoke systems to provide the highest quality safe smoke production.

Used in a ViCount Compact 1300 or 5000 Smoke Machine, a full internal tank will give smoke production for the following times at full 100% unramped output:

ViCount Smoke Oil 135 is for use only in ViCount 135 systems.

ViCount Oil 180 is for use only in ViCount 180 systems.

It is very important that the correct fluid is used in your machine. If you are unsure, please contact us to confirm prior to ordering or check the serial number label on the back of the machine, which will specify either 135 or 180.


ViCount 1300, 1.1kW
ViCount 1300, 2.2kW
ViCount 5000, 1.1kW
ViCount 5000, 2.2kW
Fluid consumption rate at 100% output
2 litres / hour
3.6 litres / hour
2 litres / hour
3.6 litres / hour
Max. runtime from a full tank
(1.3 litres)
(1.3 litres)
(5 litres)
(5 litres)

Fluid Type Designed for Temperature resistance
Oil 135
ViCount 135 Up to 135°C

Oil 180

ViCount 180 Up to 200°C

Used in the ViCount Compact Smoke Machines, ViCount Smoke Oil produces a very safe, non-toxic artificial smoke with a consistent particle size of 0.2 to 0.3 microns, mmd with a hang time of approx. 3 hours or more at 20°C.

ViCount Smoke Oil 135, 5 litre container

For standard ViCount 135 units


ViCount Smoke Oil 135, 208 litre container
(*this is a heavy item weighing 235kg+ and is delivered on a pallet) .


Please contact us to order this item.
ViCount Smoke Oil 180, 5 litre container

For ViCount 180 units


ViCount Smoke Oil 180, 208 litre container
(*this is a heavy item weighing 235kg+ and is delivered on a pallet) .


Please contact us to order this item.

*requires lifting eqpt. at delivery address

Also available in 1,000 litre containers.

Prices are shown only as a guide and are subject to change without notice.

The warranty on your smoke machine will be void if you use smoke fluid other than that recommended by the manufacturer of your smoke machine. Safe smoke is your responsibility.

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