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UK delivery only

Self contained heavy fog smoke machine - no dry ice or CO2 needed!

Heavy fog machine

  • Self-contained
  • No dry ice, CO2 or liquid nitrogen needed - just plug-in and go!

The DNG-200 Low Fog Generator is a complete ground fog effect solution, giving a dry ice type low lying fog effect from a fully self-contained unit with wheels and handles for easy positioning.

It creates low fog straight from machine's nozzle. This makes it far more convenient without any hassles of CO2 cylinders. It is operator-friendly - simply plug the unit into power, place the 3 metre fog conducting hose (for precise fog placement) and operate it like a normal fog machine.

With a powerful compressor and aluminum heater block, 3 variable fog outputs can be selected from a tiny cloud to the thick fog. It is fully controllable via an LCD DMX 512 controller allowing the operator to set the volume control and timing precisely. The after-service maintenance is trouble-free as the compressor and the heater are in two separate locations.

The 10 litre fluid tank enables extended use between refills. The DNG-200 is an impressive effect for theatrical and studio applications where noise level should be minimised.

A compact, completely self-contained unit, the DNG-200 requires no compressed gas cylinders or water tanks. The DNG-100 needs to be used with the recommended Low level / quick dispersing fog fluid which will dissipate when reaching room temperature.


Power AC 240V
Power Consumption (Compressor) 600W W
Initial Start-up Current (Compressor): 4,000W, 21A
Heater: 2,500W
Output: 12,000 cu.ft / min
First Heat-Up Time: 12 min
Tank Capacity: 10 litres
Fluid Consumption Rate: 11 minutes per litre (high output)
Remote Included: D-20 (LCD Timer Panel Controller; 2 Metres)
Accessory Included: 3 metre Fog ducting hose
Optional Accessory: DNG-200 Flightcase (shown above)
Weight: 120 Kg
Dimensions (cm): 78 L x 61 W x 69 H
Liquid Used: Low fog fluid (below) recommended
DMX Channel used: 1
Additional information: Self contained unit -- nothing more than smoke fluid needed -- no C02/dry ice required
Floor-Mount installations (4 wheels)
DMX on-Board

UK delivery only

  • Low fog fluid must be used in the machine to create the low fog (see below).

    on this unit

Delivery time: Usually around 7 days.


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