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Concept DrainMaster - Portable Smoke Generator

The DrainMaster in off-power action

A user friendly, effective and non toxic means of introducing smoke into drains - the DRAINMASTER is the ultimate tool.

• Clean, simple and cost effective, with a 5 year parts warranty
• Produces smoke on demand
• Can be user “off power” once pre-heated
• Uses re-sealable aerosols to produce up to 15 minutes of

• Can travel through hundreds of metres of drains
• Dense, highly visible, with a distinct odour
• Is water based, non toxic and completely controllable

• Drastically reduced running costs
• User friendly
• Greatly enhanced performance compared to existing methods

“an invaluable tool for solving rodent and odour problems”
SPCO Jan 03


  • Compact size, robust construction
  • Hand portable
  • Off-power capable
  • Continuous full output (on mains power)
  • Variable output (0 -> maximum)
  • Persistent, non-toxic, thick, dry, white smoke


  • Precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • Utilises aerosol canisters for safe, convenient operation
  • Light and portable

  Made in Britain

  Ships worldwide


  • Basic format (with off-power facility)
  • Particle size 0.2 - 0.3 micron, mass median diameter - the smallest particle size of any machines we sell.

Available for 230v or 110v
(please specify when ordering)

The DrainMaster allows you to operate the unit off-mains power - you can produce a considerable amount of smoke using the retained energy within the high mass heat exchanger, allowing you to carry the generator around, making smoke as required, without a trailing electrical lead. After being on mains for around 15 minutes, the DrainMaster will generate large amounts of smoke for around 2 minutes whilst off power. Connected to the mains, the Drainmaster can operate continuously at full output.

General Specification (approx.)
Size (cm) (L x W x H) 36 x 14 x 20
Weight (kg) 5.5
Heat exchanger wattage (W) 1,100
Power Supply 230v, 50 - 450Hz
(110v, 50 - 450Hz optional)
Warm up time from cold (mins) 5
Duration of aerosol at maximum output (approx. mins) 14
Smoke output (m3/min @ 1.5m visibility) 0 - 125
Particle size (micron, mass median diameter) 0.2 - 0.3
Operation off the mains power supply? Yes
Order online (or contact us for a quotation if you are outside the UK):
Drainmaster Sysetm & Accessories
Comprising DrainMaster Smoke Generator (110V/240V - specify which when ordering), smoke fluid aerosol, 2m hose & fittings
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Drain Bag 4” (1” bore through tube)
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Drain Bag 6” (1” bore through tube)
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Drain Bag 9” (1” bore through tube)
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Drain Bag Stopper 4”
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Drain Bag Stopper 6”
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Drain Bag Stopper 9”
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Single smoke fluid aerosol for DrainMaster
At full output will give approx 15 minutes of total smoke. Longer at lower output level.
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Box of 10 smoke fluid aerosols for DrainMaster
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