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Exterior Gas Powered Smoke Gun
Complete with metal carry case.


With barrel shroud fitted


With an output that puts pyrotechnic smoke bombs to shame, complete controllability and low running costs, this gas powered smoke gun is the ideal solution for external smoke

Designed for:

  • film makers
  • photographers
  • outdoor training

Established for over ten years, this smoke gun has become the industry standard exterior gas powered smoke gun. Small, lightweight and easy to operate, using disposable aerosols of gas and smoke fluid and incorporating a piezo electric ignition. Its variable output can be regulated from a trickle of light mist to a dense fog. Supplied in a metal carrying case.

This smoke gun is a unique, off power smoke generator ideal for creating large volumes of smoke for applications such as fire training, public order training, photography and film making - indeed any application where complete portability is a requirement.

Using conventional Taymar type gas cartridges as the heating source (available worldwide) and one of our special smoke fluid canisters, the smoke gun is incredibly straight forward to use. Simply screw in the canisters, pre-heat the stainless steel coil for a few seconds, and turn on the smoke . It's that easy!

Principle of Operation
Smoke oil stored in disposable, ozone friendly smoke canisters, is forced under pressure from an inert propellant into a heat exchanger, where it is vaporised using heat applied by a high efficiency burner. The burner draws gas from standard propane/butane cartridges such as the Taymar 3500. The vapour produced condenses on reaching normal atmosphere and a dense, non-toxic white smoke is produced.


  • Completely portable - no electricity required.
  • Very high, controllable smoke output
  • Convenient Piezo ignition
  • Non-toxic smoke
  • Complete with metal carry case
  • Optional barrel shroud


  • Power supply: aerosol gas canister
  • Warm up time from cold: 20 seconds
  • Maximum duration of smoke canister at full output: 6 - 3 minutes (full output) or up to 16 minutes moderate output
  • Ratio of smoke canister/gas canister use: 3/1
  • Maximum smoke output: 17,650 cubic feet per minute

  We ship worldwide.

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Height: 483mm (19in.)
  • Width: 140mm (5.5in.)
  • Length: 419mm (16.5in.)
  • Weight: 3kg (6.6lbs.) (9kg (19.8lbs.) with metal carry case)

Exterior use only.


Editor's note:
Ideal smoke machine for exterior locations where elecricity is not available. Popular with film crews on location.


Smoke Gun System
Exterior Smoke Gun System
comes complete with metal carry case.
Replacement heater coil
for exterior smoke gun above.

Exterior Smoke Gun for USA/Canada -
as above, but also comes with barrel shroud and US gas cylinder thread adaptor and raisers.



Exterior smoke machine
Without barrel shroud fitted

Smoke Oil Aerosols

Smoke Fluid & Accessories
Box of 10 x 400ml Smoke Fluid Aerosols for exterior smoke gun above.
Our smoke fluid aerosols are made from one-piece aluminium so they will not rust or leak.
Box of 12 x Propane Gas Aerosols for exterior smoke gun above.
We cannot send the propane gas aerosols (above) anywhere outside mainland UK - you must source them in your own country if you are outside the UK. The thread type of these propane cylinders is the same around the world, EXCEPT in America/Canada where the thread type is different. They are readily available from hardware stores and camping supply stores.
  Overseas Ordering of Smoke Fluid Aerosols
The box of 10 smoke fluid aerosols above are pre-pressurised, which means they cost more to ship overseas than a normal container of fluid as they are classed as 'hazardous'. To lower the cost of shipping and further reduce running costs of your smoke machine, we can supply a refillable canister option which we send empty of fluid and unpressurised. Instead of using the pre-pressurised aerosols, re-fillable aerosol cans can simply be pressurised to 80PSI by a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply. You simply buy our refillable canister and a 5 litre container of our smoke oil which will fill the can around 14 times. It is possible to re-fill the same can 25+ times. You can, of course, purchase any number of 5 litre containers at the time of your order.
Refillable canister with siphon tube (supplied singly)
Fill with fluid (below) and pressurise with a hand pump, airline (e.g. in a garage forecourt) or inert gas supply. Can be refilled 25+ times.
Overseas shipping costs are greatly reduced by ordering refillable canister(s) and containers of smoke fluid instead of pre-pressurised canisters.
5 litres Smoke Oil for use with refillable canister (above)
Will fill the refillable aerosol approx. 14 times.
High pressure shock pump - with gauge, used to pressurise the refillable canister (above) to 80PSI (5.5 bar). Small and portable, requires approx. 200 activations to pressurise canister.
Photo below shows pump next to refillable canister.
High pressure stirrup pump - with gauge, used to pressurise the refillable canister (above) to 80psi (5.5 bar). Physically larger in size than the shock pump above, but only requires around 5 actions to pressurise the canister.

Photo at left shows pump next to refillable canister.
High Pressure Foot Pump
- with gauge, used to pressurise the refillable canister (above) to 80PSI (5.5 bar). Smaller than stirrup pump above, but only requires around 20 actions to pressurise the canister but using your leg instead of your arm.
Photo at left shows refillable canister next to pump.


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Smoke pellets - no power required.


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