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Self contained low fog smoke machine - no dry ice or CO2 needed!

Heavy fog machine

  • Self-contained
  • No dry ice, CO2 or liquid nitrogen needed - just plug-in and go!

When connected to any quality smoke machine, our Fog Cooler produces a low-lying smoke with an effect virtually indistinguishable from that created by dry ice. The conversion of normal fogger output to a floor-hugging cloud of dense fog can be regulated to produce either a continuous stream of low-lying fog or extremely large bursts of pure fog.

Electronic sensors allow the unit to constantly monitor its operating conditions in order to maintain the unit's optimal temperature. Finned evaporators can effectively cool large volumes of fog, with warm air being expelled through the high capacity vents located on the top of the unit. Operation can be as simple as placing the unit's intake within six inches (15cm) of a fog machine's output nozzle.

However, the fog cooler's output volume is regulated by the fog machine to which it is attached, so optimal performance is achieved by using a fog machine which allows complete control of its output volume. Additional performance enhancements can be achieved through the use of hoses to conduct the fog more efficiently. With the addition of the optional second fog conducting hose, the ground fog can be placed anywhere within 10m of the fog cooler's output nozzle.

Please refer to the diagrams below for examples of optimal implementations of the fog cooler.


A compact, completely self-contained unit, the system requires no compressed gas cylinders or water tanks. In addition to its intelligent design, it is extremely easy to operate. No external controls are required, as the unit is fully operational upon being plugged in. Always use low level or quick dispersing fog fluid in the smoke machine you'll be using with this unit which will dissipate so that it doesn't fog the air when reaching room temperature.

Power: AC 230V/50Hz
Power Consumption: 750 W
Initial Power: 4000 W
Fuse: 125V / 7A, 250V / 3.15A
Refrigerant: R-408A
Dimensions: 750 x 607 x 390 mm
Weight: 72 kg

Options included:
FT-10, Fog Conducting Hose
FTA-10, Fog Hose Adaptor, (cooler input)
FTA-11, Fog Hose Adaptor (cooler output)
FTA-12, Fog output plate (used when no output hose is needed)

  • Note: The unit does not itself produce fog. You will need to buy the system (below right), use your existing smoke machine or choose one from below to complete the system.

  • Low fog / quick dispersing fluid must be used in one of the machines below to create the low fog (see below).

  • Our supplier says you need to operate this unit on every 3 - 4 weeks if in storage, and have it periodically regassed. We in operation, you need to make a good amount of smoke through it so it doesn't ice up, otherwise it will block smoke flow with internal ice and frost build-up.

Normal delivery time: usually 7 days. UK only.

Fog Cooler, 230v
With ducting hose and adaptors

Heavy Fog System Package
Includes everything you need - Fog Cooler, Z1500 high output DMX/timer controlled fog generator, ducting adaptors, 2 x 10m ducting hoses and 20 litres of special low fog fluid - £ POA

Contact us to order

You can use virtually ANY respectable output smoke machine with the fog cooler above, but remember to use quick dispersing smoke fluid for your unit. If you don't the area will become too foggy when the smoke eventually warms up and rises if it does not disperse.

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