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HZ100 Hazer

Oil-cracker type hazer

This compact size oil cracker type hazer conveniently lends itself to stage and concert work where ease of operation is desired. The unit comes equipped with an efficient, maintenance-free air compressor with no warming time required before operation; just turn on and a beautiful optical translucent haze is produced without hassle. For stand-alone operation, you can attach the optional remote timer controller to the unit and adjust the interval and duration settings. A wireless remote control is also available.

The hazer produces a fine translucent haze with a very long hang time without requiring temperature controls, hot air or warm-up times during operation. The haze produced will not cause dry throats or irritation.

Please note that this hazer does produce more noise (from its compressor) than other hazers, so it is only really suitable for use where this would not be an issue (ie live event with loud music).

» Power : AC 230V, 50Hz-60Hz, 400 watts
» Output : 35 cubic metres / min
» Tank Capacity : 2.5 litres
» Fluid Consumption Rate: 1 litre per 25 hours haze
» Optional Remotes : HC1 (Timer Remote), HCR1 (Wireless Remote)
» Air Pressure : 30 PSI
» Weight : 12kg
» Dimensions (cm) : L 48.5 x W 25 x H 23.5
» Liquid Used : HZL1 or HZL5 only (oil-based)
» Function: On/Off only; DMX not available



   HZ100 Haze Fluid
The HZ100 uses a very different type of fluid to other hazers. Make sure you use the correct type!

5 Litre Container Haze Oil
Suitable for the HZ100


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