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Flightcased Oil-Based Hazer

Ideal for large clubs, theatres, stage productions and concert tours

For great long lasting hose is an oil cracker type hazer, using compressed air from two on-board compressor to produce a fine oil-based haze without heat. It uses fluid very efficiently to produce a dry haze with a long hang time.

This hazer works with a Twin-Compressor mode and is equipped with an extra internal turbo fan to bring your haze further and higher. You can use the compressors separate from each other to create the haze volume that you need. In maximum operation the HZ-1000 can almost double the output from the HZ-500. It creates the finest atmospheric and dry haze while operating at low noise in the biggest venues.

  • Low-noise operation.
  • Touch screen control display.
  • Produces very dry haze, which does not generate redundant moisture (residue).
  • Extremely small haze particles, thus, the haze can be distributed through air further and faster as well as having a much longer hang time.
  • Metal net and filter in the intake hole can prevent hazers from clogging problems. The metal net and filter are serviceable - they can be detached easily and cleaned with water.
  • Super low haze liquid consumption rate: 20 hours of haze production per litre of fluid
  • A compact flight case is included making the unit tough, durable and easy to carry.
  • On-board DMX (5-pin), but also comes with built-in timer control panel.
  • Immediate start - because it uses an air compressor, there is no heat-up time.

Power: AC 240V, 50Hz
Output: 7,500 cu.ft/min FO
Tank Capacity: 6.4 Litres
Fluid Consumption Rate: 1.2L/h (100% Output)
Control Interface: Manual, Timer, DMX512
DMX Control: 2 Channel
Compact Flight Case: Included
Air Pressure: 2 x 30 PSI
Liquid: Oil based
Dimensions: 775 x 610 x 830 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 74.5 kg



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