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ICE Low Fog Machine
Self contained heavy fog smoke machine - just add ice cubes for an incredible low fog effect!
Please do not confuse this unit with counterfeit machines from other manufacturers costing less - from our own experience, this unit is far more reliable and well built. "You get what you pay for"
We used to sell those units, and our returns department are glad we don't anymore!
Heavy fog machine
  • Inexpensive way of creating an expensive effect
  • Uses normal ice cubes and smoke fluid
  • Low lying fog disperses as it warms
  • On board DMX
  • Timer remote supplied

Simply add ice cubes (or dry ice pellets) and operate to produce a beautiful low lying dry ice style fog effect.

It produces the ever popular, low lying "heavy" smoke of a dry ice machine, but without the inconvenience of handling and storing dry ice or the potential health hazard caused by C02, nor the cost of either!

A high power smoke machine inside creates large amounts of smoke which is chilled to create a low lying 'ground hugging' fog effect.

The unit is very easy to operate and wholly self-contained - there is no need for liquid CO2 gas cylinders, bulky refrigeration units or even dry ice - conventional water ice from the freezer can be used (10 kgs allowing up to 80 minutes of low fog production). It is therefore the most economical way to create heavy fog for many applications including events such as weddings, theatrical productions and clubs.

Ice cubes in cooler compartmentPlace up to 10 kgs of ice cubes into the ice chamber to cool the smoke produced by the 1kW smoke machine contained in the unit. Then watch the floor disappear in ankle deep smoke. Never before has one machine offered this unique, affordable function. 10 kgs of ice can last up to 12 hours or 80 minutes with constant use. The fog disappears before it rises, so the room will not fill with fog.

Supplied with full DMX on-board plus a full timer remote control with a long 10 metre cable length. Timer controls include interval, duration and volume; continuous fogging (a latching button); manual on/off. Timer interval can be adjusted from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, with fog emission duration of 1 - 10 seconds.

Water drainage pump can be activated manually or set to automatic for optimum convenience.


  • Heater: 1,040W
  • Output: 8,000 cu. ft. / min. max.
  • Heat up time: 4.5 minutes
  • Tank fluid capacity: 2.5 litres
  • On-board DMX
  • Timer / variflow remote control supplied
  • Use heavy fog liquid only (see below)

Note: low fog fluid must be used to create the low fog (see below).

Editor's note:
An economical way to create that most expensive of effects - heavy fog. Everything's on board, including a timer remote and DMX.

This unit is mounted on wheels for easy positioning once set-up. The weight of the unit when laden with fog fluid and ice cubes is over 39kg.

Works optimally and continuously on 30% volume output, but 100% output can be maintained for approx 30 seconds.
Two units will fill a 30' stage.

User manual PDF

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
230v, 1040W
Length: Width:
61.8cm 35.5cm
Height: Weight:
35.9cm 24.4kg

Timer remote
Comes complete with timer/variflow remote control, above


Normally delivered in 2 - 3 business days.

ICE Heavy Fog Generator, 230v. Price: £545.00.
Select any additional products you require, then click "Add to basket":
    5 Litres FLR Quick Dispersing Low Fog Fluid Fluid (special offer price £24.00)
    4 x 5 litre containers of FLR Low Fog fluid (special offer price £95.00)

Special offer price for fluid is only applicable if an ICE heavy fog machine is purchased in the same order. UK mainland delivery only. Online orders only for delivery to GB mainland.

  Low Fog Fluid:

4 x 5 litres FLR low fog fluid - special molecular fluid designed to clear at knee height when used in conjunction with the two fog machines above and the fog cooler.

The fog fluid is a water-based composition that leaves no oily residue. It is odourless, non-irritating, non toxic, and non-flammable. Made from high quality food grade glycols which are diluted with purified and distilled water. This ensures that the product is virtually mineral and bacteria free.

For use in conjunction with the fog machine above. It will not produce heavy fog in a normal fog machine without the fog cooler.

4 x 5 litres FLR low fog fluid

Generate more fog with your own smoke machine
in conjunction with the Heavy Fog Cooler which needs no ice. Ideal for installations.

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