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PS27IP: Weatherproof DRAGON - IP65 Rated High Output Smoke Machine

PS27IP Dragon - Brochure PDF

All the features of our Dragon PS27ER smoke system, but with all electrical and mechanical elements housed in an IP65 rated weatherproof enclosure. It comes with an external fluid pumping inlet and 5 metre fluid pipe which allows for the remote location of the (supplied) 25 litre smoke fluid tank.

Specifically designed for outdoor use in both theme parks or visitor attractions, as well as in hostile or wet fire training environments, this IP65 rated version of the Dragon comes with an external fluid inlet and 5 metre fluid pipe which allows for the remote location of the 25 litre fluid tank (provided) for easy and infrequent refilling.

Ideally suited for outdoor installations in a theme park ride, visitor attraction, art installations, billboard, etc. the PS27IP excels where a high quality, 100% output rated, low maintenance is required.

Custom timer control and auto airline compressed air purge options are available on this model, please contact us to order.

Video above shows standard non-IP rated unit to illustrate smoke volume output

The DRAGON is our highest quality smoke generator is well suited to applications where continuous, high smoke output is required with low fluid consumption. There is no compromise in the quality of components in this unit. It generates the most persistent water-based smoke of any smoke machine available.

Ideal for:

  • special effects
  • theme parks
  • installations
  • fire training
  We ship worldwide
  Made entirely in Britain under ISO:9001 QA
5 year warranty


  • Can produce high quality smoke continuously at maximum output
  • Variable output control (0 -> 100%)
  • Can produce persistent smoke (Fluid A), quick dispersing smoke (Fluid B) or medium hang-time smoke (Fluid C) as required
  • Efficient fluid use (50ml per minute, 100% output)

“It’s beautifully made, works well and from what we have seen here makes extremely efficient use of the fluid.”
Fire Professional Magazine

Three types of fluid available for use in the Dragon:

Fluid type Smoke Hang Time (indoors at 20C, approx)
1.5 hours +
1 - 3 minutes
25 minutes


  • Precision, machined heat exchanger, guaranteed for life!
  • External fluid reservoir
  • Fully digital temperature control
  • Solid state switching
  • High quality pump, truly continuous rating
  • Timer controlled output
  • Auto airline purge option


Smoke particle size using Dragon Fluid A (very persistent) is small - 0.2 - 0.3 microns (compared to an average of 5 - 30 microns for typical 'entertainment' smoke machines).

General Specification (approx.)
Size (L x W x H)
55cm x 23cm x 29cm
(21.5" x 9" x 11.5")
13.5kg (30lbs)
Heat exchanger wattage
Power Supply
230v, 50hz
(110v, 50/60hz optional)
Warm up time from cold
5 mins
Duration of full 2 litre (½ gallon) fluid tank at 100% output
40 mins
(50ml per minute)
Smoke output
0 - 720m3 / min.
(25,500 cu. ft.)
Particle size (mass median diameter)
0.2 - 0.3 micron
   Particle size - explained
   Smoke hang time
   Ducting smoke
   Temperature resistance of smoke
   Smoke chemical types

  Made in Britain

    We ship worldwide

ISO 9001

How does the DRAGON differ from other water based smoke machines?

  • Continuous & constant 100% high output - fog output does not 'ramp down' to maintain continuous fog like on most machines.
    The DRAGON maintains full output volume, continuously.
  • All components have been chosen for quality and reliability. The heat exchanger is guaranteed for life and the pump is truly 100% continuously rated.
  • Particle size (consistently 0.2 micron) using fluid A is the smallest of any fog machine in the world. This means low fluid consumption, long hang time (fluid A) for thick fog and no discernible residue.

The DRAGON is in daily use in theme parks, art installations, fire training centres, universities, building sites, power stations, navy ships, wind tunnels and spray booths all over the world.

A 'de-rated' version of the 110v unit is available for US customers who want to connect it to a standard domestic US mains socket. The unit draws 1.7kW (16A) instead of 2.2kW (20A).


Smoke Fluid for The Dragon

Fluid type
Smoke Hang Time Indoors (at 20C, approx)
1.5 hours +
1 - 3 minutes or less
20 minutes

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