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Jem Glaciator Dynamic Heavy Fog Machine

Heavy fog without the need for dry ice or CO2 - all that's needed is power and fluid!

There’s no doubt about it! A stage covered with a blanket of white, dense low lying fog is a dramatic and classical theatrical effect. However, when touring the effect is all too often edited from productions because dry ice is too difficult to source, impossible to store and very messy to use, requiring gallons of boiling water to activate the fog effect. There is another problem as well - dry ice isn’t dry. Performers often have to contend with wet and slippery stages.

Smaller and quieter than the Glaciator X-Stream and capable of taking low-fog to more locations - the live event industry’s leading low-fog machine returns with its most significant upgrade in over a decade. The Jem Glaciator Dynamic is your complete solution for creating dense, billowy clouds of low-lying fog in any venue without the use of industrial gases or dry ice. Achieve lush fog on stage with longer-lasting effects. Reduce noise with near-silent operation, perfect for theatrical applications. Enjoy more room backstage with an all-new, more compact design. And tour the world with an updated universal power supply. With a full range of accessories, three low-fog fluid types to choose from, and streamlined user controls, you can create dramatic atmospheric effects for your production in moments.

With optional 3-way ducting adaptor

Made in England

  • Completely self-contained low-fog system - no industrial gases or dry ice.
  • Closed-loop refrigeration for colder, dense, longer-lasting low-fog.
  • Ultra-quiet operation, including low ambient noise in standby.

Control options: 
Integrated digital remote control, fast access keypad, DMX/RDM, master/slave
Control parameters: Continuous or timer-controlled output
Low-Fog/Fan: Proportionally controlled output, 0-100%
Setting and addressing: Control panel with backlit LCD display and 6-button user interface or via RDM
DMX Channels: 1/2
DMX Compliance: ANSI E1.11 - USITT DMX512-A
RDM Compliance: ANSI/ESTA E1.20 RDM


  • All-in-one, self-contained solution without the need for external fans, industrial gas tanks, or ice
  • All-new Electronic Inverter Drive for improved effects and lower ambient noise
  • Fill your stage with low-fog thanks to continuous 80 m³ (2825 ft³) per-minute output
  • Even smaller, compact service-friendly design: 785 x 648 x 769 mm (30.9 x 25.5 x 30.2 in.)
  • World touring capabilities via a universal power supply that operates at 208-250 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Onboard industry standard DMX connectivity (both 3- and 5- pin) for control and integration
  • Intuitive user interface with Fast Access Keypad for fast, easy manipulation of low-fog output
  • 180° Low-fog outlet engineered for a smooth, consistent low-fog field
  • Achieve diverse effects with three fluid persistency options
  • 5 litre internal fluid reservoir provides an hour of continual consistent low-fog output (70ml per minute max)
  • 7 minute warm-up time
  • 2500 watt heat exchanger
  • 3350 watts total power consumption
  • Optional 25 litre external fluid tank
  • Optional 3-way ducting adaptor system

Slot at bottom where low fog exits.
Plus it looks a bit like a face.

Optional 25 litre external fluid tank increases maximum run-time to 5 hours.



Editor's note:
The Glaciator Dynamic allows you to create heavy fog without any dry ice or CO2. All you need is power and smoke fluid.

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