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The Jem K1 Hazer is Martin’s top-of-the-line hazer for high performance applications where a high level of reliability and easy serviceability is required. Feature-rich and of solid construction, the Jem K1 provides the ideal combination of continuous operation, long hang time, and low fluid consumption for greater economy.

  • Designed for service ease
  • Continuous output
  • Output and density level control
  • 5000 m³/min haze output
  • Integrated high velocity fan (variable fan speed)
  • 600 W heat exchanger
  • 2.5 litre fluid capacity
  • Low fluid consumption and longer hang-time for greater economy
  • Water based
  • Automated shut-down procedure to prevent clogging
  • On-board DMX, 3 & 5 pin
  • On-board control panel
  • Fast access set-up mode
  • Optional digital remote control
  • Silent Mode
  • Eco mode extends run time and improves fluid economy

Extremely easy to set up (turn it on and press a button), the Jem K1 is quick to heat up. It features exceptional output from an innovative and powerful 600 W heat exchanger yet overall power consumption is less than 750 watts.

The Jem K1 Hazer’s variable haze output ensures a consistent distribution of effect and uniform canopy of haze. A high quality air pump system gives a smooth and uniform output while a unique mixing channel allows the haze to optimize before being expelled. A highly reliable machine, a unique automatic shut-down cycle has been implemented to prevent clogging.

DMX controllable, the Jem K1 Hazer is continuously operational for a "set it and forget it" effect. Other features include an easy to read and convenient 14 digit LED display. A digital remote control is available as an optional extra.

Fluid consumption has been greatly optimized compared to previous glycol-based Martin hazers thanks to a specially-formulated K1 Haze Fluid. An ‘Eco’ mode extends the K1’s run time by several hours and improves fluid economy by a factor of four compared to other glycol hazers. It also features a 'silent' mode especially suitable for theatres and other applications where noise level is an issue.

Easy serviceability is at the heart of the K1’s design. All serviceable parts sit together for convenient access and a new compact tubeless block is easily removed for annual cleaning. Service can be handled on site with the simplest of tools so the show can go on with a minimum of disruption.

Download user manual PDF

Coverage volume: 5000 m3 per minute
Max. operating time at full output (approx.): 17 hours
Operating time: Continuous, automatic level adjustment
Warm-up time (approx.): 5 minutes

Onboard fluid capacity: 2.5L
Fluid consumption at peak output: 140ml per hour (over 7 hours per litre)
Compatible Fluids: Jem K1 Haze Fluid ONLY
Please note: digital remote control not included but available separately.

Length: 544 mm
Width: 459 mm
Height: 344 mm
Dry weight: 21.5 kg

Control options:
Onboard control panel with 4-digit display
Control options: Instant or timer-controlled output, 0-100% adjustable output level
Control options: Adjustable Fan Speed Level
DMX channels: 2 (output and fan)
Optional digital remote control.


   Jem K1 Hazer Separates

Box of 4 x 2.5L Jem K1 Haze Fluid
Suitable for the Jem K1 Hazer ONLY.


Digital Timer Remote Control
with digital display.

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