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Jem ZR33 Hi-Mass Smoke Machine

The ZR33 Hi-Mass is a fog generator designed for use in larger nightclubs, theatres and other entertainment applications. If you would prefer to see our range of reliable smoke machines for industrial test applications or fire training, click here.

It combines a range of features to create a powerful fog machine capable of supplying atmospheric effects. The new Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees even more output for longer periods, while maximum efficiency is still achieved. It requires only 1500 watts to produce up to 1000 cubic metres of dense fog per minute. A 9.5 litre container ensures long operational periods without refilling.

The ultimate in control options is available with DMX 512 as standard. An on-board remote is also included offering auto timer function extendable by the 8x-mode function.

The smooth 0 - 100% fog output allows precision atmospheric control. Coupled with the Analogue Link facility, multi-machine control is possible from a single Jem Multifunctional Controller.

In addition, a heavy-duty hanging bracket is fitted as standard to facilitate easy installation in any type of venue.


  • 9.5 litre fluid capacity
  • 1000 cubic metres/min smoke output (35,314 cubic feet/min)
  • 7 minute heat-up time
  • On-board Universal timer remote with level control
  • Timer Remote with level control
  • 1500W Hi-Mass Vaporizing System
  • Overheat protection
  • Analogue Link socket

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
7.2A @ 220-240v
14.4A @ 110v
685mm x 345mm x 225mm

Fluid capacity:
9.5 litre

Fluid consumption (max.):
0.039 Imp. gallon/min


With onboard DMX you will have access to the machine from any DMX controller or desk.

This small yet crucial component is the last line of defence against catastrophic failure. This machine's DTPD is made from a solid ceramic composite. This guarantees extremely precise overheat monitoring and is unaffected by ambient temperature changes.

Electronic Pump Ramping (EPR)
EPR is an intelligent means of warning of a drop in temperature which could result in 'wet smoke' (residue). The pumps respond to this signal by running slower and pumping less fluid, thus allowing the heaters to restore optimum operational temperature. This guarantees a continuous flow of smoke using highly efficient, lower wattage heaters.

Soft Start Electronics
The 'crack' created during the initial burst of smoke is caused by the pump pressure overcoming the incredible back pressure of the heat exchanger. The unique Soft Start Electronics in this machine gradually powers the pump, eliminating this crack and ensuring a quieter and smoother operational level following initial start up.

Jem Multifunctional Remote
This reliable remote offers more than the usual auto timer and smoke level output controls. Easily engaged, the timer gives complete adjustment for both 'Fog On' and 'Fog Delay' modes. These timer functions can be expanded even further by engaging Jem's unique '8X Mode' which multiplies the selected timer setting by eight.

D-Tec Vaporizing System
This unique system produces a very high smoke output using a relatively low wattage heat source. The secret is its high alluvial mass and its twin, cuprous, oval helicoils. 3.5 metre helicoils and precision casting ensure maximum heat exchange between the efficient 1500-watt heater and the twin fluid carrying coils.

On-Board Remote System
Greatly appreciated by rental companies, this hand-held remote can be stored during transit on-board the machine, making it easy to find at show time and eliminating transit vulnerability. But storage isn't the only advantage. Portability is greatly enhanced by having on board controls

Analogue Link
Whether you've run out of DMX channels or simply want to link two smoke/haze machines together and operate them from a single remote, Jem’s link facility is the solution. This feature even allows multi-machine connection, making operation a simple one-finger action.

Fluid Container (9.5 litre)
All Jem smoke, haze and heavy fog machines are designed to carry removable fluid containers of varying sizes depending on the model's application. The removable container makes for quicker refills and protects the machine from damage through spillage in transit.

Heat Exchangers (1500W)
All Jem heat exchangers are designed for high efficiency performance. Only the purest grade LM24 aluminium is used in the production process which eliminates the risk of porosity (pockets of gas within the casting which can cause heater failure). All heat exchangers contain cuprous helicoils of at least 2.8 metres in length, ensuring a continuous flow of pure, dry, white smoke.

Download user manual PDF


ZR33 Accessories
Ducting system (ducting adaptor plus 5m ducting hose)
Replacement remote control

Consider the Pea Soup Dragon PS27...
without prejudice

Extract from Fire Professional Magazine Back to Back Test Results, June 1999 PS27 ZR33
Warranty 5 years 1 year
  Scores below are out of 10.
Higher score is better.
Ease of handling and operation 8.0 7.7
Ease of filling and changing fluid 9.0 8.7
Time to activate 3 smoke alarms 10
41 secs
43 seconds
Time to achieve total white out 4
4m 20sec
5m 9sec
Total time white out maintained 8
7m 18sec
5m 40sec
Weight reduction (efficiency of fluid used) 10
  (The ZR33 used 7 times more fluid than the PS27 to achive white out)
Overall build quality 7.7 7.7
Total Test Score
66.7 52.1
Particle size 0.2 micron Quoted as 1 - 1.5 micron

The Pea Soup PS27 Dragon offers:
Fog hang time: 1.5 hours +         Fog particle size 0.2 micron (no residue) 
Continuous full output fog - no ramping down output as with ZR33
Very efficient fluid consumption (7 times lower than ZR33)
5 year warranty      Lifetime warranty on heater block

Reliability, efficiency, performance.
Introducing the outstanding Pea Soup Dragon PS27...

ViCount Compact oil based smoke generatorDon't fall into the habit of just having equipment repaired time and time again -- buy better!

IF you are a fire brigade using one or a number of ZR33s and would like to upgrade to an oil based smoke system which is specifically designed for fixed installations in fire training houses, then please see our Phantom system.

Suitable for HOT fire training, super-efficient fluid use and with a 5 year guarantee, there really is no better smoke system available for fire brigades.



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