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Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass Smoke Machine

If you liked the Jem ZR33, you'll love the ZR44 (because it's very similar).
The ZR44 Hi-Mass is a fog generator designed for use in entertainment applications, ie larger nightclubs, theatres, etc.

The ZR44 has been discontinued and was superceeded by the Jem ZR45

To view our range of professional smoke machines built specifically for reliability in industrial test applications or fire training, click here.

It combines a range of features to create a powerful fog machine capable of supplying atmospheric effects. The new Hi-Mass Vaporizing System guarantees even more output for longer periods, while maximum efficiency is still achieved. A 9.5 litre container ensures long operational periods without refilling.

The ultimate in control options is available with DMX 512 as standard. An on-board remote is also included offering auto timer function.

The smooth 0 - 100% fog output allows precision atmospheric control.

In addition, a heavy-duty hanging bracket is fitted as standard to facilitate easy installation in any type of venue.


  • Continuous output (ramped / level adjusted)
  • 1800 W heat exchanger
  • 7.5 min heat-up time
  • Floor standing or truss mounting
  • Neutrik PowerCon connector
  • Indirect Fluid Sensing System
  • Tough and solid design
  • 3 & 5 pin DMX interface
  • Prepared for multifunctional digital remote (optional)
  • RDM capable
  • Soft Start technology
  • Timer / variable output remote control included

Mechanical Specifications:

Length: 685 mm (27.0 in.)
Width: 345 mm (13.6 in.)
Height: 225 mm (8.9 in.)
Dry weight: 19 kg (41.9 lbs.)

AC power: 220-240 V nominal, 50 Hz
optional: 110-120 V nominal, 60 Hz

Fluid capacity:
9.5 litre

Fluid consumption (max. initial blast before ramping down):

Drip tray to catch excess hot fluid spits optional extra

If a long burst of fog is produced, after a time the fog output level will be
automatically reduced to keep the machine temperature within the operating
range. This allows continuous operation, so that the machine does not have to
stop and re-heat.

The ZR44 has been discontinued and was superceeded by the Jem ZR45


   Jem ZR44 Accessories

Drip tray for ZR44
Catches hot fluid spitting or drips of condensation from the nozzle of the machine.

Ducting kit
Includes 5 metres of 4" hose and ducting adaptor

Digital Remote Control for ZR44
Allows more precise control of the unit than with the standard analogue remote included with the machine.

Consider the Pea Soup Dragon PS27...
without prejudice

The Pea Soup PS27 Dragon offers:

Fog hang time: 1.5 hours +         
Fog particle size 0.2 micron (no residue) 
Continuously rated 100% full output fog - no ramping down of output
Highly efficient fluid consumption
5 year parts warranty      
Lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger

Reliability, efficiency, performance.
Introducing Pea Soup's outstanding Dragon PS27...

ViCount Compact oil based smoke generatorDon't fall into the habit of just having equipment repaired time and time again -- buy better!

IF you are a fire brigade using one or a number of ZR33s and would like to upgrade to an oil based smoke system which is specifically designed for fixed installations in fire training houses, then please see our Phantom system.

Suitable for HOT fire training, super-efficient fluid use and with a 5 year guarantee, there really is no better smoke system available for fire brigades.



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