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Le Maitre Eco Hazer

The most energy efficient water-based hazer on the market.

The EcoHazer is an incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly hazer from Le Maitre, producing pure and long lasting haze.

The EcoHazer uses just 100-150 watts, which is around 10% of the consumption of other similar output machines. Using a revolutionary ceramic heat exchanger system, the EcoHazer draws less than 0.4 amps at operating temperature making it extremely efficient.

Haze output matches that of models with ten-times the specified fluid consumption. The key is Le Maitre’s 90% active ingredient PureHaze Fluid, compared to many glycol based haze fluids which contain only 15% active ingredient but 85% water.

Operation is either manual or via intelligent, self-detecting 2-channel DMX. The fan is manually adjustable from 0 to 90° and a 3-digit LED clearly displays settings. The EcoHazer takes just 5 minutes to heat up and then it’s ready to go.

Ideal for small to medium sized venues.

  • Continuous output haze
  • Efficient & self-regulating ceramic heat exchanger
  • Low fluid consumption: 2-50ml/hr (1000hrs - 40 hrs /2L bottle)
  • Very low power consumption: 100-150W
  • Quiet operation
  • Control: Manual or dynamic 2-channel DMX
  • Pure, long lasting professional haze
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safe for use on live stage performances
  • Warranty - 24 months
  • Made in the UK
  • No oil residue, long haze hang time
  • 2 year warranty
Elaine Frost demonstrates the EcoHazer:
General Specification (approx.)
Size (cm) (L x W x H)
38cm x 23 cm x 30.5cm
Power consumption
Initial warm up time / purge cycle from cold
5 mins
Power Supply
230v, 50-60Hz
(110v optional)
Duration of 2.5L fluid container at continuous maximum output
50 hours
Duration of 2.5L fluid container at continuous 25% output
200 hours
Control options
On-board control panel
DMX512 on-board
NB: Up to 45 second delay before haze produced as system primes after last shut down. Switch haze off 3 minutes before shut down is recommended to ensure the continued performance of the heat exchanger, allowing the unit to purge excess fluid from the heater tube.

The Eco Hazer is an excellent value professional hazer which is a great way to have the long hang time of Le Maitre haze with the least outlay. Can be controlled either via the on-board control panel or via DMX. Output angle can be manually adjusted. Very efficient use of both fluid and power, and the most persistent haze of any water based hazer on the market.


 Le Maitre Eco Hazer, 230v

Sorry - this product has now been discontinued.

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