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Freeze Fog Pro - Heavy Fog Converter / Chiller

The FreezeFog Pro is a low smoke chiller unit. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the original G300 smoke machine or the newer G Force 2 or G Force 3 smoke machine to produce an extremely powerful dry ice fog effect.
The smoke machine uses a specially formulated low smoke fluid to generate smoke which is pumped into the Freezefog unit, where it combines with low liquid CO2 from a remote cylinder to cool it down so it stays low to the ground.
The Freezefog Pro can be used with both high and low pressure liquid CO2 cylinders and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Smoke Fluid & CO2 Consumption Rates:
With a high pressure liquid CO2 cylinder you will get one minute of cooling per 2.2kg, and with a low pressure cylinder 3.5kg. Using the G300 machine at half output (which is the optimum for heavy fog production), for every 5 litres of fog fluid the FreezeFog will use approx. 4 to 6 LK size (50lb) CO2 cylinders.

  FreezeFog Pro Fog Chiller

List price: £3,056.00
OUR PRICE £2,495.00

Please contact us to order.

Ducting Accessories
FreezeFog 10" Flexible Aluminium Ducting Hose, 10 metre length

More info on the FreezeFog

The FreezeFog requires a liquid CO2 supply. Either high or low pressure, although better results are obtained with low pressure.
The unit can be used with the following machines:

G Force 3 Smoke Machine -
Digital, high continuous output smoke machine. Twin fluid pumps, twin output nozzles. Updated version of the G300 (below) 2.2kW. After a larger initial 'blast', it will ramp down to the same smoke output level as the G Force 2 unit, above, for continuous fog flow.
G300 Smoke Machine -
Fully digital high power smoke and haze generator in one. Microprocessor control.
Pea Soup's DRAGON
Highly reliable, continuous 100% rated output without ramping down or stopping flow. 5 Year parts guarantee, lifetime warranty on the heater block. Use with Dragon fluid type B (Quick Dispersing).
5 year guarantee. Lifetime warranty on heater. British Made.

The smoke machines require special Low Smoke fluid if you are using a Le Maitre machine, or Fluid B if you're using the Dragon. You must ONLY use this as it is designed to bond with the CO2 on a molecular level. CO2 is a colourless, odourless gas. It is only seen when the refraction density is altered. In the past, water was used with solid CO2, which worked well but tended to leave the area damp and slippery. The Freezefog works by adding Low Smoke fluid from the smoke machine to the liquid CO2 injected into the FreezeFog. The result is proper Dry Ice Low Smoke. The only difference being there is no dampness associated with the effect.
The unique partnering of a fog effect with liquid CO2 is cost effective and provides a longer lasting effect. Designed to be utilised with the Freezefog Pro, the Le Maitre Low Smoke Fluid provides a dry, thick, white effect with a consistent dissipation that eliminates any ambient hazing. The Freezefog couples with the Le Maitre smoke machine, offering the most advanced controls and fog output available.

The Freezefog consumes approximately 3.5 kilos of liquid carbon dioxide per minute of operation at 350 PSI (25 bar). At the typical variflow setting of 20 the G300 will consume approximately 4 litres of fluid per hour constant.

FreezeFog Pro in action


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