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Le Maitre G150 Smoke Machine - DISCONTINUED

Complete with timer / variflow remote control.

The G150 has been discontinued and is replaced by
the G Force 1.

The G150 is an incredibly versatile smoke machine, useful in both mobile operations and permanent installations.

Full control is maintained over the unit by a hand held timer and variflow remote. No other machine of this power consumption is capable of continuous output with no down time.


  • Digital microprocessor controlled.
  • Continuous output feature.
  • 0-10v as standard via XLR connector, plus timer remote.
  • Optional DMX remote control (£145).
  • N.A.T.O. codified.
  • Smoke output of 315 cubic metres per minute. (11,123 cubic feet)

Download G150 user manual in Adobe Acrobat format

Download DMX remote control user manual in Adobe Acrobat format

Mechanical Specifications:

Technical Data:
Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50/60Hz, 1100w
Length: Width:
58cm 27cm
Height: Weight:
21cm 13kg
Smoke fluid for use with this machine:
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid - an economical fluid mix with a medium / long hang time
Industrial Fluid - extra dense long lasting smoke for training, testing and industrial use
Quick Dispersing - ideal for effects, and if you don't want to set smoke alarms off!
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Name Description
Dry Icer The Dry Icer is designed to be used in conjunction with the Speedfogger smoke machine to create a low lying, residue free smoke effect.
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid Economical fluid for all Le Maitre machines
Industrial Smoke Fluid Denser smoke fluid designed for use in Le Maitre machines for fire training applications.
Quick Dissipating Smoke Fluid Ideal for low smoke or steam effects

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