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Le Maitre G300 Smoke Machine

Watch a video of this smoke machine in action (1.6Mb)

The G300 is the most technologically advanced dual purpose machine available. It generates very large volumes of thick white smoke and is capable of continuous output.

It combines a high powered smoke generator with a water based hazer. The operator can select either function, by simply changing the mode on the digital display and the type of fluid used.


  • Smoke output of 850 cubic metres per minute (30,014 cubic feet)
  • 559 cubic metres per minute @ 1 metre visibility
  • 240v or 110v models available
  • Microprocessor system management.
  • Twin pump fluid feed.
  • 5 litre fluid tank.
  • Highly accurate platinum thermal sensor.
  • Available with standard or DMX remote control.
  • Digital display of all controls and status.
  • Machine to machine opto-isolated XLR link connections.
  • Mechanical "failsafe" for high temperature failure.
  • Single channel 0-10v " smoke on" control of all linked machines.
  • Separate 0-10v smoke switch and variflow inputs (4 pin XLR).
  • 2 year warranty
  • NATO codified.

Download PDF user manual

Editor's note:
The G300 can also be used with the Freezefog Pro to create a massive heavy fog effect.

(pictured above)
The G300 next to the Mini Mist Turbo

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50/60Hz, 2200w
110v optional
Length: Width:
61cm 29cm
Height: Weight:
26cm 25kg

Fluid consumption:
8ml/sec. medium duration burst
1.5ml/sec. continuous output
45 minutes per 5 litre container

Available for 220/240v or 110v power supply.

See also: the NEW G Force 3

Smaller unit, same smoke output as G300, lower price.

G300 Standard remote control

G300 with standard remote control

CONTACT US to order

G300 with DMX control
SFX / Theatre / TV
Air flow visualisation
Leak testing
Fire training
Smoke fluid for use with this machine:
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid - an economical fluid mix with a medium / long hang time
Industrial Fluid - extra dense long lasting smoke for training, testing and industrial use
Quick Dispersing - ideal for effects, and if you don't want to set smoke alarms off!

Le Maitre G300 Accessories
G300 ducting adaptor
Please contact us to order these items.

Replacement G300 standard remote

Replacement G300 DMX remote



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Related products:
Name Description
G Force Three models combining a portable size with a high output.
Freezefog Pro Low Smoke Converter A hugely powerful and consistent heavy fog effect.
Global Deluxe Smoke Fluid Economical fluid for all Le Maitre machines
Industrial Smoke Fluid Denser smoke fluid designed for use in Le Maitre machines for fire training applications.
Quick Dissipating Smoke Fluid Ideal for low smoke or steam effects
C-Beam Haze Fluid For the G300 in HAZE mode
Le Maitre Smoke Fluid All types of fluid mix for Le Maitre machines.

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