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Le Maitre Pure Haze Hazer Fluid


Le Maitre's hazer fluid for the Neutron XS , MVS Hazer , Eco Hazer and HazeMaster is different from standard smoke or fog fluid because it contains a large proportion of glycerol which, combined with the smaller particle size of haze that the Neutron and MVS hazers generate, has a much longer hang time than standard fog. It is designed to hang in the air and accentuate beams of light without creating a messy oily residue.

Haze fluid is used in much smaller proportions to smoke fluid thus giving the benefit of atmosphere without the large consumable cost. On average, a Neutron will produce over 80 hours of continuous haze from one bottle.

Le Maitre hazers have self-cleaning programs and easily servicable parts which alleviates the problems associated with carbonisation.

NB. This fluid was re-named in May 2015 and is now known as "PureHaze" Fluid.



Download COSHH safety data sheet PDF


  200 Litre barrel of Le Maitre Hazer Fluid
List price £2,495.00
Our price: £1,800.00
Save £695.00
(*this is a heavy item weighing 235kg+ and is delivered on a pallet)

Please contact us to order barrels.

Neutron XS / MVS Hazer Fluid

4 x 2.5 litre box:
List Price £190.00

Our Price £136.00
YOU SAVE £54.00

  4 x 2.5 litres Le Maitre Neutron / MVS Hazer fluid - £136.00

4 x 5 litre containers:
List Price £340.00

Our Price £250.00
YOU SAVE £90.00

  4 x 5 litres Le Maitre Neutron / MVS / Stadium Hazer fluid - £250.00

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