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Microfog Aerosol Smoke Machine


The Microfog is an easy to use smoke machine that combines high quality components with the convenience of an aerosol unit. It is simply operated by one button at the rear of the machine which, when pressed, makes the machine generate clouds of thick, white, non-toxic fog.

It is a superb low cost and reliable smoke machine, ideal for mobile use, schools, and the smaller venue. It is also very popular with hire companies, as the fluid aerosols it uses cannot be tampered with.

After an initial heat-up time, it can be unplugged from mains power and operated without power for a few minutes.


  • Fully servicable; all parts can be cheaply and easily replaced.
  • Can be used off the power supply for a few minutes.
  • Electronic temperature sensor and mechanical failsafe.
  • Smoke output of 160 cubic metres per minute. (5,650 cubic feet)
  • One fluid canister will generate over 6 minutes of smoke
  • 2 year warranty

View PDF user manual


Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50Hz, 1100w
Length: Width:
40cm 22cm
Height: Weight:
18cm 8kg

Microfog 240V - £720.00


Microfog 110V - Contact us to order

UK delivery only

   Microfog Smoke Fluid Canisters
Box of 12 x 400ml Global Deluxe smoke fluid canisters
(contain Global Deluxe smoke fluid)


Alternative products

The Rocket system is an alternative to the Microfog,
producing a very persistent and controllable smoke
with a 5 year warranty.

Ideal for testing airflow in poultry barns, plus many other applications.

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Mini Mist Turbo A compact and portable smoke machine.
Smoke Fluid Canisters For the Mini Mist and Microfog machines
Hand Portable Smoke Machine The Rocket is the market leading compact portable smoke generator. Robust, powerful and reliable.

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