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Neutron XS Hazer


The Neutron XS Hazer utilises Le Maitre’s world patented STAR (Sequentially Tracked Automatic Re-Issue) technology to produce consistently pure haze.

This compact unit can deliver up to 150 hours of haze from just one 2.5 litre bottle of fluid. Combine this with its minimal power consumption and built in self cleaning mechanism, and you have a top of the range hazer that is low cost as well as low maintenance.

This updated version of the original Neutron XS Hazer (launched in 1996) is more reliable and uses a straight tube instead of a coiled one which gives greater output. Output can be internally set by the user to reduce lower the factory-set output if required.


  • High output with no long heat up time required.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Whisper quiet and efficient.
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Self contained - fluid container sits inside unit
  • 0-10v analogue control. DMX remote control unit optional extra.
  • 50 degree projection from high velocity fan.
  • Equity approved (the Neutron is included in the Equipment-Based Guidelines for the use of Theatrical Smoke and Haze that has been prepared for Equity League Pension and Health Trust Funds).
  • 2 year warranty.


Customer feedback:

"I used the haze machine for the first time last week, and just wanted to say that your product is FANTASTIC!! There was a really big difference in the ease of use, quality of haze, and lack of any throat irritation compared to my old hazer (which is now in the bin).

Your advice was spot on too - it is versitile enough to give me the range of effects that I'm after. I'm really pleased with the product and also with your advice - great service, great advice, and great product!!!"


Safe for use on live stage performances

Mechanical Specifications:

Power Requirements:
220/240v, 50/60Hz, 250w
Also available for 110v
Length: Width:
28cm 24cm
Height: Weight:
28cm 11kg

PDF User Manual

The genuine Neutron XS Hazer, made by Le Maitre in the UK.
Refuse inferior look-a-likes with contempt as spurious imitations.
Neutron XS Hazer - 240v. £780.00.
Select any additional products you require below, then click "Add to basket":
    4 x 2.5 litre bottles of Neutron Hazer fluid (special offer price - £199.00 - best value)

Please note that the special prices for fluid (above) are only applicable if a Neutron hazer is purchased for 240V mains supply.
Only valid on online orders delivered to mainland UK.

   Neutron Hazer Fluid

4 x 2.5 litre bottles
Suitable for the Neutron XS & MVS Hazer only
(each 2.5 litre bottle delivers up to 150 hours of haze).


4 x 5 litre bottles
Fluid suitable for the Neutron XS & MVS Hazer. Fluid requires decanting into existing 2.5L container to fit in the units. Recommended only for heavy users who already have a 2.5L container.

   Accessories & Spare Parts
Heating element assembly, curly tube type for Neutrons purchased generally before 2005.
Call with serial number to check if unsure.
Heating element assembly, straight tube type for newer Neutrons purchased after 2005.
Generally the more popular element sold.
Call with serial number to check if unsure.

DMX Interface
Made for the Neutron XS Hazer
One channel - switches the hazer on or off.
List price: £231.00.


Alternative DMX Interface
Suitable for the Neutron XS Hazer.
With LED DMX channel display.
One channel - switches the hazer on or off. With DMX-R.

If you are considering purchasing the DMX interface above with your new Neutron XS, you may wish to consider the MVS hazer instead, which has a variable haze output, fan speed and haze output angle all controlled via DMX for a small amount more.


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