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Peasouper Dry Ice Fog Machine


  • Huge low lying heavy fog output.
  • Odourless fog.
  • 4 step flow rate control and water level indicator.
  • Ducting hose and adaptor optional extras.
  • NEW resetting heater cut off safety feature.
  • Durable, heat resistant exterior.
  • Perfect for weddings and events.
  • Far less costly than competitor's units.
  • 2 year warranty.

The Peasouper is the most popular dry ice smoke machine in the world for the classic low lying 'heavy fog' effect. Seen on stage around the world, but also perfect for weddings, events and celebrations.

The traditional dry ice smoke machine, the Peasouper is lightweight yet powerful. The rate of smoke flow is easily controlled, and the unit’s 9kg dry ice capacity gives approximately 5 minutes of fog production. Two loads can be used before the water needs re-heating.

Very simple to use, the Peasouper is more powerful than dry ice smoke machines twice its size, has twice the capacity as its nearest competitor, yet still costs less to purchase! The flow rate is controlled by a four-step ratchet system which allows output variation through the front nozzle for which a ducting adaptor and ducting hose are available.

Dry ice, which can be purchased from various suppliers around the country, is solid carbon dioxide, heavier than air, thus creating a low lying blanket of fog which is odourless and non-toxic, for that atmospheric 'walking on clouds' affair. We have not known it to ever set off smoke detectors.

We ship worldwide!

Power Requirements:
240v, 50/60Hz, 2400w
110v US version: 1500w
Length: Width:
55cm 52cm
Height: Weight:
50cm 11kg

PEASOUPER - Dry Ice Heavy Fog Machine

Order online
Peasouper, 240V
Peasouper, 240V
with ducting adaptor and 3 metre flexible ducting hose
Please note: there can be a lead time of up to several weeks on these units. Please contact us for more accurate lead times if required.    

We export this unit outside of the UK.
Send us an email and we'll get back with a quotation including shipping.


Peasouper Accessories
The ducting adaptor allows the 3 metre (10') length of 2.5" flexible ducting hose to be attached to the outlet of the Peasouper unit so that the output of heavy fog can be produced away from the main unit itself. Ideal if you want the fog to cascade down from a height while keeping the unit itself at ground level, or if you want to hide the unit away from the side of the stage to prevent it getting in the way of performers' entrances/exits. The ducting adaptor comes complete with gasket plus fixing nuts and bolts.
Peasouper ducting adaptor
With gasket plus fixing nuts and bolts
Peasouper flexible ducting hose (3m)

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