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Cobra 3.1 Smoke Machine

The Cobra 3.1 is a 3.1kW fog generator with touchscreen, DMX/RDM, timer, ethernet connectivity.

  • Power: 3.1kW
  • Twin fluid pumps - one for up to 30% output, another for 31+%
  • Warm up time: 15 minutes
  • Fluid consumption at 100% output: 260ml per minute
  • Fluid consumption at 30% continuous output: 46ml per minute (actually 18% of maximum output)
  • Fluid tank capacity: 5 litres
  • Fog output projection: 25 metres max.
  • Continuous output at 30% or less
  • Quiet output
  • Ducting adaptor fitted
  • Dimensions: 58cm long x 27cm wide x 26cm tall
  • Weight without fluid: 16kg

Available for use on 240v power (3.1kW) or 110V (1.8kW).


5 Litres Authentic Look 'Regular' Long Lasting Fog Fluid with every machine

Cobra 3.1 - 240V

Cobra 1.8 - 110V
Accessories for Cobra smoke machines:
Wireless remote control transmitter and receiver (simple on/off operation, non-latching).
Save £39.00 on list price.
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NEW - Wireless remote control transmitter and receiver for Cobra. Simple on/off operation, can be switched between momentary and latching activation, 320 feet line of site operation. Ideal FCC approved alternative to above radio remote for US customers.
Contact us for US shipping
Flightcase for Cobra with space for accessories (e.g. remote, above).
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Analogue remote control with latching switch offering fader style volume control.

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