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Unique 2.1 Hazer

  Ships worldwide
  110v version available


DMX as standard, variable output and haze density, minimal warming up time, and easy handling are only some of the features of the UNIQUE 2.1 which has been very successful since its introduction to the market.

The UNIQUE 2.1 is equipped with new features like an internal timer and a brand new Haze-Density Control System (HDCS). With this HDCS an individual profile for a show can be programmed.

Due to the new, more efficient fan, the haze can be distributed in the room quickly. A replaceable filter (supplied) protects the fan against dirt.

With its variable output, the machine can be used in many fields. Any desired effect can be achieved: from a fine mist to a thick haze, similar to fog.

Therefore the machine is able to fill small and big rooms with a constant haze, creating the right atmosphere and supporting lighting effects.


Minimal warming up time
The unit takes 60 seconds to heat-up for operation.
A continuous output is guaranteed by the fact that the machine does not have to re-heat during operation.

Variable output
The pump and the fan of the machine can be adjusted separately in 99 steps. You can adjust the density and output exactly. A non-linear pump regulation make sure that the pump can be adjusted much better at the lower steps.

Minimal sound
Due to the fact that the pump and the fan can be dampened, the sound of the UNIQUE 2.1 can be absorbed tremendously. So the machine can be used in fields of operation where any sound is undesirable and disturbing.

Buttons and LEDs
The control of the pump and fan, the adjusting of the DMX start address and also the adjusting of the timer and the HDCS is achieved with buttons. The adjusted data can be read at the LED-Display.

DMX 512 as standard
The UNIQUE 2.1 can be controlled via DMX 512. Pump and fan can be adjusted separately. The connection is done with 5-pin-XLR plugs using two following control channels at the desk. The machine can also be controlled with analogue (0 - 10V) via a lighting desk and/or via cable remote (optional). This connection is with 3-pin-XLR plugs. Stand-alone running is also possible. The adjustments are done directly at the machine.

Internal Timer
With the internal Timer the haze time can be adjusted in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output of the pump and fan in %.

Haze-Density Control System (HDCS)
With the HDCS an individual Profile for a Show can be programmed. Two levels with the required pump and fan values along with a haze time can be adjusted. Additionally a pre-runtime can be programmed.

Controlled by Microprocessor
The intelligent control of every single parameter by microprocessor guarantees trouble free operation of the machine.

Fluid consumption
At full output, the unit will consume 2 litres of fluid for every 2.5 hours of operation.
At 50% output, 2L will last 5 hours, etc.
A 2 litre container will give up to 50 hours of continuous output at a low level.

  • Minimal warm up time (approx. 60 sec.)
  • Pump and fan adjustable in 99 steps, therefore variable output (from the finest mist to a thick fog like haze)
  • Internal fan for quick and even distribution
  • DMX as standard, analog (0-10V) and stand-alone running
  • Control of the pump, fan and the adjusting of the DMX start address is achieved with buttons
  • Internal Timer
  • Haze-Density Control System
  • Can be controlled via cable remote (optional)
  • Low noise
  • Made in Germany

Power: 1.5kW
Warm up time: 1 minute
Fluid tank capacity: 2 litres
Haze particle size: 3 to 5 microns
Dimensions: 47cm long x 25cm wide x 25cm high
Weight without fluid: 8.7kg

Fluid for Unique Hazer:

Unique Hazer Fluid - 2 litre container


Unique Hazer Fluid - Box of 4 x 2 litre containers (save £9.00)

Unique Hazer Fluid - 10 litre container
Accessories for the Unique Hazer:

Analogue remote control with latching switch offering fader style volume control.


Replacement heat exchanger module for Unique 1, 2 and 2.1 Hazers


Hanging set with drip tray to catch any droplets of fluid from falling on patrons / the floor.
(Photo shows Viper not Unique)


Flow diverter - simple metal attachment that makes the haze go either up or down instead of the usual angle of thrust


Flight case for Unique 2.1 hazer, inc. room for remote.
Lid lifts off so unit can be operated without being removed from the case base.


Have you seen the Phantom Hazer?

Made in Britain, it produces the world's smallest haze particle size, 4 hour haze hang time with incredible fluid efficiency, super safe haze and low initial purchase cost.

It can produce large volumes of haze very quickly to fill large areas and leaves no residue.

10 year parts warranty.


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