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These dry ice effect fog machines create a low lying fog that lies on the ground below knee level.
Ideal for events, weddings, theatrical productions and special effects.

Peasouper Dry Ice Fog Machine -
The industry standard dry ice machine for over 40 years - the best 'heavy fog' effect.
Made in Britain.

Needs: water & dry ice
FreezeFog Pro Heavy Fog Chiller -
A hugely powerful and consistent dry ice fog effect. For use with an existing smoke machine. Uses liquid CO2 to cool the fog and keep it lying low.
Made in Britain.

Needs: fog fluid & CO2 cylinder

Chiller units with and without on-board smoke generators, CO2 chillers, self contained heavy foggers and dry ice machines - there are many ways to make a low lying 'heavy' fog.

A heavy, low lying fog is a tricky effect to create. There are several methods of creating low smoke; either by using dry ice for the traditional effect (see our Peasouper dry ice machine above), by chilling smoke from a conventional fog machine using our FreezeFog LCO2 chiller units.


Dry Ice Effect - Low Lying Fog Generators / Converters

Peasouper dry ice fog machine

Le Maitre FreezeFog Pro


Jem Glaciator Dynamic

Fog Cooler


DNG200 Low Fog Generator

Ice 101 Low Fog Machine


Prices are shown only as a guide and are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Photographs & videos for illustration purposes. Machine appearance & specification may vary slightly.

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