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Martin Magnum 2000 Smoke Machine

Watch a video of this smoke machine in action

A very well known smoke machine - according to our catalogue archive the Martin Magnum 2000 has been in production since March 1994 (yes, we're all fog geeks here at Pea Soup!).

The Magnum 2000's solid, reliable and quality operation has made the Magnum 2000 one of the most specified smoke machine in the world.
High smoke output creates an instant cloud of dense smoke, perfect for generating immediate dance floor atmosphere and ideal for mid-air lighting effects. The Magnum 2000 is ideal for clubs of all sizes, theatres and TV studios. In fact, we've spotted it used on the Jerry Springer Show. And the large on-board fluid capacity of 9.5 litres means less need for mid-evening refills.

This well-established smoke machine uses advanced microprocessor-based technology in conjunction with a specially designed heating element offering long life and reliability.
The Magnum 2000 offers a host of well-conceived features such as totally variable smoke output and pressure control, plug-in remote control, a DMX interface allowing convenient control from the lighting desk, and electronic and mechanical overheating protection. This dependable smoke machine offers programmable output or can be manually controlled via remote. It comes complete with a truss mounting bracket for easy installation as well as carrying handles to suit all mobile and fixed installations.


  • 1600w heater
  • Approx. 700m3 smoke output (24,720 cubic feet/min)
  • Timer remote control
  • Output level control
  • Adjustable truss mounting yoke
  • 9.5 litre fluid container
  • 8 minute heat up time
  • Analogue link socket
  • Electro-mechanical overheat device
  • Microprocessor controlled electronics

This small yet crucial component is the last line of defence against catastrophic failure. This machine's DTPD is made from a solid ceramic composite. This guarantees extremely precise overheat monitoring and is unaffected by ambient temperature changes.

Analogue Link
Whether you've run out of DMX channels or simply want to link two smoke/haze machines together and operate them from a single remote, this machine's analogue link facility is the solution. This feature even allows multi-machine connection, making operation a simple one-finger action.

Fluid Container (9.5 litre)
The removable container makes for quicker refills and protects the machine from damage through spillage in transit.

Heat Exchangers (1500W)
Designed for high efficiency performance, only the purest grade LM24 aluminium is used in the production process which eliminates the risk of porosity (pockets of gas within the casting which can cause heater failure). All heat exchangers contain cuprous helicoils of at least 2.8 metres in length, ensuring a continuous flow of pure, dry, white smoke.

Max. fog output (approx.): 700 m3 per minute
Max. operating time at full output (approx.): 180 minutes
Warm-up time (approx.): 8 minutes
Onboard fluid capacity: 9.5 Litres
Fluid consumption at peak output: 95 ml per minute

Price on application
NB This product is being phased out in August 2015.

Power Requirements:
7.5A @ 220-240v
14.1A @ 110v optional build
695mm x 356mm x 325mm
18kg (27kg with fluid)

Maximum Fluid Consumption:
0.025 Imp. gallon/min

Remote control mounts on back of machine when not in use

Martin Magnum 2000 Accessories
DMX Interface POA
Ducting kit - 5 metres of 4" ducting hose, plus ducting adaptor POA

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