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Rosco Cold Flow™ Heavy Fog Converter

By using LCO2, the Coldflow is far more efficient than more conventional means for creating a low-lying fog. The unit actually uses the LCO2 to create dry ice inside an aluminium chamber. You then can use your Rosco Model 1600, 1700, 1900, Delta 3000 (or just about any other fog machine), and run the fog through the cooling chamber. The fog is chilled below ambient temperature and will hug the ground.

It is well known that the cooler the fog, the better the effect. That's why, by exposing the fog to the low temperature of dry ice, you can get a great effect. Coldflow eliminates all of the problems associated with using commercial dry ice. These problems included finding a source, transporting, handling, storage and the need to limit fog to short effects. Liquid carbon dioxide is commonly found almost anywhere. It is easy to handle and does not require any special storage. Whereas 22kg of dry ice will give a 15-minute effect when put in hot water, a comparable tank of LCO2 will last for as long as 2 hours.

Best results will be achieved when the Rosco Coldflow used with any Rosco fog machine plus Rosco Stage & Studio Fog Fluid. Stage & Studio is specifically designed to help create fog that will lie lower and accept the lower temperatures and other changes created by the Coldflow.

A remote included as standard equipment activates Coldflow. The remote has three easy-to-read LEDs. One of these indicators is for ON/OFF, the second illuminates while the unit is cooling (about ten minutes) and a third tells you when Coldflow is ready for operation. Attached to the unit is a 2.1 metre metal hose for connection from the Coldflow to a LCO2 tank.

The efficient way to create low-lying fog on demand.

  • More efficient than conventional means
  • Can be used with almost any fog machine
  • Easy manipulation
  • Remote control included

The Rosco Cold Flow is an accessory for standard fog machines that converts liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2) to dry ice. The dry ice cools a uniquely designed aluminium extrusion that is capable of converting large volumes of fog into dense low lying fog. The unit can create a wide range of low lying fog effects from a continuous layer to a gigantic cloudburst.

Coldflow, used here with a Rosco Model 1600 Fog Machine, generates low lying fog quickly, efficiently and continuously. A 22 kilo LCO2 cylinder, like the one shown here, will produce as much as 2 hours of continuous fog in this application.

Technical Specifications:

Power requirements:

100/120 volts, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 amps
200/240 volts, 50/60 Hz, 0.25 amps

Dimensions: 22 in x 12.5 in x 12in
(56 cm x 32 cm x 31 cm).

Weight: 40 lb., 18 kg.

Fuse type:

120 volt-250 volt/1 amp (5mm x 20mm)
240 volt-250 volt/0.5 amp (5mm x 20mm)

Tank type & pressures:

  • 22kg. LCO2 cylinder, Maximum Operating Pressure: 1000 psig (69 BAR).
  • Portable Cryogenic VGL Cylinder Maximum Operating Pressure: 435 psig (30 BAR). Minimum Operating Pressure: 290 psig (20 BAR).

CGA 320 fittings (USA Standard). A UK adaptor is available. Note: Clearly mark the liquid valve port on the LCO2 tank.

This unit can be used with almost any fog machine, as it simply sits in front of the fog machine producing the smoke. We do however recommend that a quick dispersing fluid be used so that the fog does not fill the entire room when it eventually heats up.

Rosco Cold Flow -

Sorry, this unit is now discontinued.



Sorry, this product has been discontinued.
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