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Rosco Hazemaker



With any type of live entertainment, it is important to create the correct atmosphere for the audience, as well as to enhance the design concepts of the scenery and lighting. Increasingly, the effect required is a haze or texture in the air so that the beams of light can be seen. That's why Rosco developed the Hazemaker, a unique machine designed to create a unique effect. The machine has been designed to run continuously to fill the venue with haze and to maintain the effect. Using an on-board air compressor and a proprietary tank design, the output of the machine has been calibrated to produce just the right level for focused beams of light to be seen. These features make the Rosco Hazemaker ideal for concert and moving light applications, as well as the more traditional theatrical productions.

Though the Hazemaker creates an effect similar to that of a "cracked oil" machine, the New Hazemaker Fluid developed for this machine is a water and glycol mixture. With the Hazemaker it is no longer necessary to cover or protect control consoles and sound boards. The Hazemaker is also very efficient: it uses one litre of fluid in 53 hours of operation.

The Hazemaker is self contained in a custom designed road case. The two handles and four casters facilitate handling.

Rosco Hazemaker II


The Hazemaker II creates the same effect as the popular Hazemaker, but does not have the on-board compressor. Instead, the Hazemaker II has an air fitting so that the user can utilise their own compressor from a distance, allowing for quieter operation. Also in a self-contained custom designed road case, the Hazemaker II is smaller and more compact than its big brother, eliminating the need for casters. Hazemaker II uses the proprietary New Hazemaker Fluid.


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