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Smoke Filters
  For the quick and effective complete extraction of smoke from spaces

Pea Soup Smoke Filter units quickly and efficiently draw in smokey air and produce clear HEPA filtered air. Smoke can therefore be effectively removed from internal spaces where the normal extraction or venting is not possible.

Perfect for use in aircraft simulators and at trade fairs or indeed any area where venting to outside is impractical or undesirable.

If necessary, Pea Soup Smoke Filters can be mounted next to the room or enclosure requiring filtration, and the smoke sucked from that space via a 15, 30 or 40cm flexible hose (depending on model). e.g. in aircraft simulators, the Smoke Filter unit is mounted in the simulator hall, and a fleixble hose is taken from the input of the Smoke Filter into the simulator cabin to extract the smoke.

The Pea Soup Smoke Filters Range
PS500 PS1500 PS4000
Flow Rate:
M3/Hr 850 / CFM 500
19 Kg
490 x 440 x 370 mm
Pre-Filter Size:
12 x 12 x 2 inch
305 x 305 x 51 mm
Hose Size (if required):
6" / 152mm
Typically suitable for clearing room volumes of
100m3 in 15 minutes
Flow Rate:
M3/Hr 2,295 / CFM 1,500
560 x 490 x 830 mm
Pre-Filter Size:
15 x 15 x 4 inch
380 x 380 x 102 mm
Hose Size (if required):
12" / 305 m
Typically suitable for clearing room volumes of
250 - 300m3 in 15 minutes
Flow Rate:
M3/Hr 5,950 / CFM 3,880
790 x 700 x 1250 mm
Pre-Filter Size:
24 x 24 x 4 inch
610 x 610 x 102 mm
Hose Size (if required):
16" / 406mm
Typically suitable for clearing room volumes of
600 - 700m3 in 15 minutes

Available for both 110v or 240v power supplies.
Replacement filters are available.

Smoke Filters
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