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Water Fogger

Uses nothing more than clean water to create a 'heavy fog' type effect

Sorry, this item is now discontinued

For water-based smoke for pharmaceutical clean room air flow visualisation,
please see the Rocket smoke machine below.

An example of a smaller two-element version mounted on a slate plinth just below the surface of a lagoon. (plinth not included with system, but floatation buoy is)

  • Creates cool, lingering mist on the surface of water e.g. pond
  • 5 fog-generating elements
  • No heat or chemicals used
  • Built-in safety features
  • High frequency ceramic membranes vibrate water into dense mist
  • Includes optional floating buoy

Add extra interest to garden water features or use it for special effects where dry ice or fog coolers are too large or costly with this advanced, high volume, mist-producing device. Simply immerse it 63 - 85mm below the surface of the water and, using its five high-frequency generators, it creates a cool, low-lying mist that clings to the surface of the water, similar to the effect created by dry ice. The device's housing is solid nickel-plated brass and it operates at a safe low voltage from the supplied mains transformer. The five membranes are subject to wear; their lifespan depends on a number of factors including water hardness, operating time, etc. Single replacement ceramic membranes are available in a kit with a special removal key. The mains transformer is environmentally sealed to IP44 and the unit is supplied with 10m of cable. A special buoy that floats the fogger unit, keeping it at the correct depth in the water, is also included in the kit as an optional means of installation.

Power supply: 240V ac 8.3A transformer
IP44 sealed with 1.8m cable
Power consumption: 200W
Water rate: 800ml/h
Water depth: 63mm - 85mm
Cable length: 10m
Safety: water level sensor, overload & over heating protection
Membranes: 5 x 20mm diameter
Dimensions: 85mm(dia.) x 63mm
Spare membranes available

Membrane kit with key: £5.45

Can be sent worldwide (240V). Contact us to enquire.


Replacement Membrane and fitting key - £5.45
3 in stock

Call us to order for reduced delivery cost!

The unit submerged in water at the top of a large ceramic pot outdoors - wind blows the smoke away as shown. With no wind, the mist cascades down the sides.

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