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1.5kW Smoke Machine

  • 1,500 watt heater

  • DMX control interface

  • Digital Timer remote control

  • Precise variable output from 1 - 100%

  • 6 litre fluid tank

  • Optional wireless remote

  • Choice of special effect smoke fluids from quick dispersing to long lasting

A 1.5 kilowatt smoke machine that offers stability, durability, and reliability. When it comes to ultimate performance and precision control the excellent value 1.5kW smoke machine will suit virtually any application. These foggers provide significant advantages in a wide array of applications where volume of fog output is critical. The heater block is made of nickel-aluminium alloy adopted for fast and efficient heat transfer. They are fully controllable via a state of the art LCD controller supplied allowing the operator to set the volume control and timing precisely to the exact percentage from 1% to 100% output. DMX connection can be worked by either 3 or 5 pin connector.

Ideal for large venues, outdoor events (although not weatherproof), movie productions or for fire training.

- Power: 230V
- Heater: 1,500W
- Output: 700m3/min. (20,000 cu.ft/min.)
- First Heat-Up Time: 8.5 min.
- Tank Capacity: 6 Litres
- Fluid Consumption Rate: 9 min/Litre (100% Output)
- Remote Included: Z-20 (LCD Timer Remote)
- Optional Remote: Z-30 (LCD Wireless Remote)
- Weight: 14 Kg
- Dimensions (cm): L68.8 x W28.5 x H18.8

Remote supplied:
- Cable Length: 25 ft.
- Connector: 5 Pin XLR
- Function: Timer with interval, duration and volume; set DMX address; functions are displayed on a LCD screen and can be set precisely in seconds or %). 1 - 200 second variable on/delay time. Continuous output at approx. 30% (34ml per minute).

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1.5kW Smoke Machine with remote control, 230v - £435.00.
Select any additional products at discounted prices below, then click "Add to basket":
5 litres PERSISTENT Fog Fluid (£29.00)
5 litres QUICK DISPERSING Fog Fluid (£28.00) Ideal for special effects
5 litres SUPER FAST DISPERSING Fog Fluid (£21.00) Ideal for steam effects
Wireless Remote Control (£146.00) Up to 50m line of sight range.

Please note that the prices for the above items are only applicable if a 1.5kW Fog Machine is purchased in the same order. Online orders only, UK mainland delivery only.

FLG Fog Fluid
Produces a dense and durable long lasting fog.
Ideal for when smoke needs to hang in the air for as long as possible for haze and lighting effects.
Box of 4 x 5 litres
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Single 5 litres
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FLR Fog Fluid
Quick dispersing smoke fluid.
Gives a thick white fog which disappears within a minute or less - even faster outdoors or with air movement from fans giving a steam effect. Great for special effects or on stage when you need a smoke effect to disappear quickly after cue.
Box of 4 x 5 litres
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Single 5 litres
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FLC Fog Fluid
Produces a super fast dissipating fog.
Ideal for special effects such as steam or CO2 jets. A slightly thinner smoke that disperses even more quickly than the FLR fluid above.
Box of 4 x 5 litres
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Single 5 litres
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A double output power 3kW Version of the machine above is also available!
Click on the picture above for more info.

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