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Smoke Machines for Clean Room air flow visualisation / validation / extraction / laboratory tests

Stainless steel casing versions of the fog machines below (except Air Flow Checker) are available.

Stainless Cleanroom Rocket Fogger -
Stainless steel aerosol based smoke generator for air flow visualisation in clean rooms and laboratories. Smoke can be ducted with a 'wand' into areas of stagnancy. 240/110v.
Hand Portable Smoke Machine - The Rocket delivers persistent smoke for excellent air flow visibility over long periods and distances. Off-power facility. Used in pharmaceutical clean rooms around the world. Optional ducting hose for precise placement of smoke. 240/110v.
Oil Based Smoke Machine - smoke machines with continuous steady output for clean room applications. The generated smoke has a tiny particle size and can easily be ducted. These units produce an extremely persistent smoke used for testing HEPA filters and ULPA filtration systems to EN-ISO 14644-3. Available in stainless steel. 240/110v.
For small scale air flow visualisation:
12V DC Micro Rocket Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine for air flow tracing and LEV work. Exceptionally low running cost. Stainless steel version available. Supplied in flightcase.
Air Flow Checker - low output hand-portable unit. The ideal instrument for the testing and monitoring of small air currents and air movement. Even the slightest air movements become visible. Ideal for: ventilation or air conditioning systems, chimneys, smoke detectors, detecting leaks in industrial equipment, fume cupboards. Battery powered.

Most of these machines are available for sale or hire


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