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Ducting Smoke

PS23 with 25mm ducting - ideal for air flow tracing in spray booth clearance tests or clean room fume cupboards

Smoke from these systems can be ducted if required, using the inherent velocity of smoke produced by the systems, or incorporating fan assistance if rapid distribution of smoke is required.

Generally a small amount of deposition should be expected in ducting systems as the smoke particles are being artificially restricted, and cannot separate and spread out as they would in free air. For best results the ducting should be as short and straight as possible, with as smooth a bore as practical, so that frictional losses within the duct are kept to a minimum.

Fan assistance can greatly improve the effectiveness of ducted systems and Pea Soup offer a comprehensive range of centrifugal blowers to suit almost every application. If you have an application which calls for the ducting of smoke then please contact us. We would be pleased to assist you in specifying the correct ducting and fan combination.

View ducting adaptors and ducting hose

Hand Portable Smoke Machine - can deliver quick dispersing smoke (PS21 Rocket QD) or long lasting (PS23 Rocket). Off-power facility. 240/110v.
2.2kW High Output Smoke Generator - continuous high output 2.2kW machine with a choice of fluids available for either quick dispersing smoke or persistent. 240/110v.
Oil Based Smoke Generator - oil-based smoke machines with continuous highly controllable output. The generated smoke can withstand high temperatures, is very persistent and has a very small particle size (no residue) and can easily be ducted. 240/110v.

Ducting adaptors available in 3 diameters. Ducting hose is also available.


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