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Smoke Machines for Photographers and Film Makers

We are proud to supply smoke generators and special effects to photographers, film makers and production companies large and small around the world. The products below are mostly for location work where no power is readily available, but we also supply a large range of specialist units for mains power for producing large controllable fog and haze effects.
We ship our products direct to customers around the world.

Pyrotechnic smoke pellets and grenades -
Up to 60 second smoke output duration. No power required, silent smoke production - ideal for location work. Exterior use only.
Micro Rocket - Battery powered Smoke Machine -
Highly portable battery powered machine for photographers, theatrical and cinematic purposes.
We hire this unit.
Mini Rocket - 400W Battery powered Smoke Machine -
Higher output battery powered machine for photographers and film makers as well as training or air flow applications where no power is available.
We hire this unit.
Tiny Foggers -
Modular and highly compact battery powered units for special effects or incorporating into props and costumes.
Pyrotechnic coloured smoke - 7, 15 or 30 second duration coloured smoke cartridges for deep, vivid coloured smoke. Electronic remote ignition. UK only. Boxes 10 / 12.
Hand Portable Smoke Machine - The ROCKET
The ultimate portable smoke generator with off-power facility. The basic unit can be run from virtually any old generator.
Industrial quality - 5 year parts warranty, lifetime guarantee on heat exchanger.
We hire this unit.
Gas powered smoke gun -
Ideal for outdoor location work - no mains power is needed to generate large amounts of fog. Perfect for film makers.
Phantom High Output Smoke System - continuous high output for large scale outdoor shoots. The generated smoke does not evaporate like water based smokes do in warmer ambient temperatures.
Undoubtedly the best hazer in the world. Produces the finest haze, no residue and amazing efficiency. Haze has 4 hour hang time. Very clean and extremely safe, reliable system. Highly regarded and used where visuals matter.
10 year parts guarantee.
Lifetime warranty on heater.

British Made.
We hire this unit.

We are very proud of our clients

Prices are shown only as a guide and are subject to change without notice. E&OE.
Photographs & videos for illustration purposes. Machine appearance & specification may vary slightly.

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