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Smoke Machines for Flim / TV / Theatre

Popular in theatres, film and TV studios, their fine haze accentuates light beams without a thick cloud of white smoke. The Phantom Hazer is popular with TV studios shooting in HD as long throw shots are not obscured by cloudy fog.
Phantom Hazer -
Undoubtedly the best hazer in the world. Zero maintenance, no residue and amazing efficiency. Haze has 4 hour hang time and does not irritate eyes or throats of performers. 5 litres fluid gives 200 hours of haze. 10 year guarantee. Self-cleaning, extremely reliable system. Can replace up to 6 water based hazers. British Made.
Reel EFX DF-50 hazer
Neutron XS Pro Hazer -
An award winning hazer, approved by Equity, self-cleans itself and has very economical fluid consumption. Fluid offer. 240v. 110v US version available. British Made.
Le Maitre MVS Hazer -
Highly controllable high output hazer. Sweeping fan, haze and fan speed control. DMX plus on-board control panel. Long haze hang time. Double the output of the Neutron. Fluid offer. 240v. 110v US version available. British Made.
Smoke Machines
When a cloud of smoke is required as a special effect or for an entrance
Rocket Hand Portable Smoke Machine - powerful 2.2kW hand-portable machine. Can be used off-power after initial warm-up period. 240v / 110v.

Dragon High Output Smoke Machine - capable of 100% continuous high output and 7 times more efficient fluid useage than nearest rival. Extremely well built.
Rosco Vapour - a rugged unit with continuous output and timer remote. A variety of fluids available (Stage & Studio fluid gives a fog effect then disperses quickly).
Viper Smoke Machine - popular and highly controllable smoke machines from Germany. On-board DMX. 1.3kW and 2.6kW versions available.
G300 Smoke Machine - high output smoke machine and hazer in one.

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