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Industrial Smoke Machines

Theatrical 'entertainment' smoke machines are designed for use in theatres and nightclubs where they work well, but don't always perform well in other applications such as air flow or leak testing (or indeed fire training).

Generally, they all use a cheap not-continuously rated piston pump and a cast metal heater block. If any blockage occurs inside the block, it is hard and sometimes impossible to repair. They may state 'continuous output' in their marketing, but the machines actually ramp down fog production to as little as 30% maximum output just to maintain a continuous flow. Not ideal in wind tunnels!

Our industrial grade fog generators below are built for the most arduous applications. All these machines are made in the UK, come with a 5 year warranty as standard (10 years with the Phantom), a lifetime guarantee on the heat exchanger (which is fully servicable by the user) and consistently produce the smallest fog particle size of any a fog machine currently in production (0.2 microns). Customers who have used entertainment machines and switch to a unit below are always impressed at the smoke's incredible hang time, dryness and the system's minimal fluid consumption which can be up to 90% less than that of a theatrical smoke machine.

The Rocket - Hand Portable Smoke Machine

The leading portable smoke machine on the market, the Rocket is a highly portable unit that uses smoke fluid aerosols. Used by armed forces and fire brigades, as well as ventilation / extraction specialists, hospitals and other public sector industries. Can be used off-power. Optional remote control.
  • Continuous high output
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Off-mains facility
  • Very fine smoke particle size
  • Variable smoke output
  • No residue - safe to use
  • PS23 - 1.1kW / PS25 - 2.2kW power
  • Made in Britain - 5 year warranty
  Ships worldwide.   Video.      More info...

DRAGON - High Output Smoke Generator

Ideal for leak tests, air flow visualisation, fire training, the Dragon is a high output fogger capable of continuous and very high quality dry smoke output with a consistently small particle size unmatched by any other machines.
  • High continuous output
  • Variable smoke output
  • Fine smoke particle size
  • 5 year warranty
  • No residue - 0.2 micron particle size
  • Very high quality components
  • Very reliable, self-servicable
  • 2.2kW power
Ships worldwide.  Video.      More info...

PHANTOM - Oil-based smoke machine

The Phantom is a range of very high output units available in a variety of specifications. These smoke machines use oil-based fluid, which makes the smoke resistant to high temperatures (unlike water-based smoke machines) and extremely persistent - i.e. it will not dissipate for several hours.
  • Zero maintenance
  • High continuous output
  • Variable smoke output
  • Fine smoke particle size
  • Very efficient fluid consumption
  • 10 year warranty
  • Range of special effect fluids and ducting
  • 1.1kW / 2.2kW power
Ships worldwide.   Video.      More info...

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