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The latest news from PEA SOUP and the smoke machine industry. Last updated: 1 May, 2010


US Shipping
3rd February 2006

We can now send Mini Mist Turbo smoke machines and Neutron XS Hazers to the United States in 110v versions.

Product Improvement - Hand Portable Smoke Machine
8th August 2005

The Remote control versions of our aerosol smoke generators previously were not capable of 'off-mains' use. The product has now been developed to accommodate this - when connected to the mains, the remote can be used. When disconnected from the mains power, the remote cannot be used, but you can use the on-board smoke activation button as on the basic versions of these machines.

New Product - Heavy Fog Machine
1st March 2005

With the DNG-100 Fog Chiller there is no need for dry ice or CO2. A self contained cooler converts output from smoke machines into a low lying fog. Comes complete with hose and adaptors.

New Product - Micro Rocket Fog Machine
24th Feb 2005

The Micro Rocket Smoke Machine is a highly portable battery powered machine designed for photographers, but suitable for theatrical and cinematic purposes. Powered by a 12V DC battery for true portability!

New Product - Rosco Delta 3000
10th January 2005

The Rosco Delta 3000 is a digital fog machine designed to give ultimate control over fog output and can fill most stages within a minute. 1.5kW

New Info section launched
5th November 2004

Harking back to the days when smokemachines.NET was a non-profit making information and resource website about smoke machines, we have made these independent information pages available once more. They are still actively updated, and we thank visitors who have recently sent reviews and tips in to us for inclusion on these pages. Click on the link below to visit:

The Sugababes in TV Hits! Magazine
28th August 2004

We recently supplied TV Hits! Magazine with silver glitter for a Sugababes photoshoot. One of the photos in the article appeared on the cover of September's magazine (right).

New Look Website
12th June 2004

The main Pea Soup website, www.smokemachines.NET, has a new look. We hope the new design allows you to more easily find what you are looking for. The various types of smoke machine have been split into sub-sections instead of all being on one page. Let us know what you think of the new design by dropping us an email

Freeze Fog now available
28th May 2004

Le Maitre's replacement for the LSG (Low Smoke Generator) is the Freeze Fog, and has similar if not better specs than the LSG for a lower cost. It converts the smoke output from the G300 into a thick heavy fog which is less hassle than using dry ice for the effect.

Videos Online
17th May 2004

We now have more videos on our website of selected machines. These now include all Pea Soup branded machines, all Le Maitre machines and a large number of Martin / Jem models. We hope these show what the machines do more than descriptions. Hundreds of users are already downloading and watching them and we hope they assist to you in making the right choice with Pea Soup.

Data Sheet Production
21st May 2004

We have begun the design and production of data specification and product information sheets to compliment our informative website after numerous requests from customers who wanted comprehensive data sheets they could print off. These will initially be produced for more popular machines as Adobe Acrobat Reader format files for users to save, view or print.

Customer Service
24th May 2004

We pride ourselves on our unbeatable customer service. Our phone lines are now open from 9.00am - 6.30pm (GMT/BST). We want to help you chose the right machine for your application and make a better decision with Pea Soup.

The Ultimate Hazer
Pea Soup Ltd. are proud to stock the Phantom Hazer, the latest hazer in an ever increasing market. But this isn't like any normal hazer. The Phantom Hazer creates haze THERMALLY, killing any bacteria or any bugs that may be present in the fluid's journey from tank to airbourne aerosol. Most conventional oil-based hazers do not heat up the fluid to make the particles airbourne, which therefore increases the risk of bacteria or other harmful agents to simply become dispersed in the air. The particle size of the haze generated by the Phantom Hazer is 0.2 microns in diameter. The haze is also much more persistent, such that a single generator can replace several conventional systems. The Phantom Hazer can also act as a very powerful smoke machine simply by switching off the dispersal fan. At using fluid at a rate of 1 litre per 40 hours, the Phantom Hazer is one of the most efficient hazers around today. Order yours now!

Card Payments
Pea Soup Ltd. now accepts payments from a wider range of credit and debit cards than ever before. These include Visa, Mastercard, Switch, Solo, American Express, Eurocard, Visa Electron, Visa Delta and JCB. We hope this makes it even easier to purchase from us either online or via mail order.

Smoke on The Simpsons?
In episode 20 of series 14 of The Simpsons (EABF15 - episode #311) "Brake my wife, please", Homer is given the hard sell and purchases many electrical devices to plug into his in-car cigarette lighter. As he drives along, unable to see the road, he plays with his DVD player, spins records, uses his deep fat fryer and then - presses a button to activate a fog machine! As the fog rolls in he says, "Even I think this is crazy!". The fog machine bears resemblance to the Glacier heavy fog machine. It's a powerful heavy fog machine with a difference - all you need to do is add ice! It's very easy to operate and is one of the lowest priced heavy fog generators anywhere.

110v / 220v - Your Choice
The following machines can be supplied for 110V power supplies at no extra cost:

Colt 3 / 4, Colt 4 Turbo, Spirit 900, ViCount Compact, ViCount Hazer

Pea Soup machines and Jem can also be supplied, but please note that there may be a slightly longer delivery time (up to 14 days). The Le Maitre Mini Mist Turbo, G300, Pea Souper and Neutron XS Hazer can also be supplied rated 110v.

Speed of Light

It doesn't seem too long ago that Le Maitre released the G150, but it has now been replaced by the Speedfogger Active. The Speedfogger can be supplied with either a variflow remote, timer variflow remote or as DMX. It offers all of the same features as the G150 including virtual continuous output, and also has the benefits of a spill-proof fluid tank and easy change technology for when parts require replacement.

This fog is as thick as Pea Soup!

Pea Soup

Pea Soup smoke machines cater for all requirements - from the competitively priced 550 to the RXS, or the Glaciator for heavy fog and the ZR24/7 for professional haze effects, Pea Soup smoke machines have it covered. Their smoke machine factory is based in the UK and employs 45 people.
We sell the full Pea Soup range

Rosco a-go-go

We're very happy that Rosco are now among the select fog machine manufacturers to be represented by us. Rosco are immensley popular in the world of theatrical productions as they sell many lighting accessories (gels, gobos, etc.) and scenic paint. We sell the full range of Rosco fog products including the new replacement for the legendary Rosco 1500 - the Rosco 1700.

Hi(re) time

After many requests about the possibility of hiring our machines, we now offer a range of smoke machines for hire, catering for a wide range of industrial, commercial and testing applications. View our Hire page for more details.

Would you like Source with that?

At last a UK company who designs economical smoke machines themselves to rival those of far-east origin. They make three types - essentially small, medium and large output machines. We sell all of the smoke machines, fluids and remote controls available, which are proving very popular for cost-conscious buyers.

Le Maitre Smoke Machines
We've very proud to be selling Le Maitre smoke machines and special effects on After recently celebrating their 25th anniversary supplying special effects, the company is still market leader in smoke machines. From the competitive Maxi Fogger to the digital microporcessor controlled G300, Le Maitre machines are used and respected the world over. From the West End of London to Hollywood and the Ministry of Defence, you'll find Le Maitre smoke machines in action providing the highest quality operation. We also supply the famous Pea Souper dry ice machine, fog chillers such as the Dry Icer and LSG, and a Le Maitre's large range of smoke machine accessories, which makes us the one-stop-shop for all smoke effects. Also included in the Le Maitre range is the industry standard portable machine the Mini Mist Turbo, the aerosol based Microfog, the powerful range of new machines including the G150 which can operate with continuous output, and the ultimate hazer - the Neutron XS Hazer which is respected world-wide as one of the best hazers available.

New Concept in Smoke Machines
We now supply Concept Smoke Systems smoke machines on our site at the lowest price in the UK. Concept are one of the few smoke machine manufacturers to be NATO approved, as many of their machines create smoke with a particle size of 0.2 - 0.3 microns. The Spirit 900 is truly the Rolls Royce of water based smoke machines with its massive controllable output. Often seen in theme parks, the Spirit 900 smoke generator is also immensely popular with fire training scenarios and industrial applications. Concept also manufacture the popular portable 'Colt' series of smoke guns which are available in a variety of formats. The Colt 3 creates quick dispersing smoke, the Colt 4 persistent smoke. There is also a Colt 4 Turbo version available, which is one of the most powerful smoke guns available today. Colts can be used off-power for a time, making them very portable for a variety of applications, including special effects, leak testing and so on. We also sell the ViCount series which are very high output oil based machines designed for industrial and fire training applications, as their smoke can withstand temperatures in excess of 180C. The Brick is a car battery powered smoke machine where the size of unit is as important as the smoke output, taking only 2.5 seconds to heat from cold. We're very pleased to offer Concept smoke machines on this site.

Performance Fog Generator

F-100 Performance Fog Generator

We're happy to announce that we now supply the F-100 Performance Fog Generator to customers in the UK. You can buy this high output smoke machine on this web site - [more]. The F100 is a very popular smoke machine and is suited to a variety of applications. It is very popular with nightclubs, television studios, theatres and film studios. It has a very low noise level of operation, as the pump is acoustically isolated from the chassis. It can produce continuous fog, making it ideal for low-smoke converters. It totally blows cheaper machines out of the water.

Eurovision '02
End credits on the Eurovision Song Contest from Estonia this year showed several mentions of 'smoke operators'. However, we believe that these names were actually to do with a digital video editing system called "Smoke" and had nothing to do with smoke or fog machines, which didn't seem to be used in the event very much at all!

Security Smoke Screen
Smoke machines used for security purposes received some publicity on national television in the UK on "Tomorrow's World". Machines were demonstrated live in the studio showing how the intruder's visibility is reduced in seconds by the systems, which are continually gaining in popularity.
We sell Smoke Security Systems (as seen on TV!)


Jem Smoke, now a subsiduary of Martin Professional, have recently launched a new heavy fog generator. The Glaciator requires no dry ice, LN2 or anything other than smoke fluid and electricity. A worthy model to replace the discontinued line of Jem 'Heavy Fog' machines, the Glaciator is set to become very popular with concert tours and theme park installations.

New Rosco Designs
Rosco have been at the drawing board for a while before they launched a number of new smoke machines to compliment the replacement models for the popular Rosco 1500. Models include Alpha 900, the new Delta 3000 and the new Model 1700. All are available from us.

Antari fog chiller
Antari have recently introduced a smoke cooler system which can use either normal ice or dry ice to chill smoke from the on-board smoke machine. Antari say the ICE Low Fog Machine is the first time this method of smoke chilling has been fitted into a unit this small.

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